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Giant Antarctic Ice 'Cork' Is Deteriorating

Scientists prepping for $27.5M study of Thwaites Glacier, how sea level rise will be affected

(Newser) - An Antarctic glacier is losing so much ice that it contributed to about 4% of the planet's total sea level rise in recent years—and scientists are now concerned this rapid melting could remove one of the few "corks" keeping the West Antarctic Ice Sheet at bay. That'... More »

Whole Foods Wants Your Corks

It, unlike you, wants them to become useful again

(Newser) - C’mon, admit it: All those wine corks you’re saving, you’re not ever really going to get around to, like, cataloguing them or something. Fortunately, Whole Foods Market has your back. The upscale retailer will collect them for various outfits to repurpose—a cork floor-tile manufacturer, or recyclable... More »

Mais Non! French Ditch the Champagne Cork

Don't fret: new metal cork will still create pop and fizz

(Newser) - Fed up with imperfect corks tainting its high-end Champagne, one French winemaker is tossing tradition aside in favor of a—gasp!—aluminum cork. BBC reports. Before you faint in horror, Duval-Leroy stresses that this is no screw-top cap: the new plug will make the same pop and spray a... More »

French Wine Goes Pop

Wineries try 'New World'-style screw caps, snazzy labels to revive sales

(Newser) - A screw-top Bordeaux? The once-laughable notion is bubbling up in France these days as wine makers try to reverse decades of sour sales, the AP reports. Even snazzy labels and boxed-wine-with-a-straw are fair game, after French wineries exported a record $15 billion last year with "New World"-style packaging. More »

4 Stories