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Wrigley Yanks Caffeinated Gum

It will wait on 'Alert' until FDA finishes regulations

(Newser) - Sorry, caffeine junkies, but you'll have to keep getting your energy boosts the old-fashioned way, because Wrigley is putting its Alert caffeinated gum on hold. The FDA raised concerns about caffeine increasingly popping up in weird things like gum and jelly beans, and a Wrigley exec says in a... More »

Wrigley to Debut Caffeinated Chewing Gum

It will come with a warning label to discourage kids

(Newser) - Energy drinks are old news, friend; the folks of tomorrow will be chewing on energy gum. Or at least, Wrigley hopes so. Next month, the company will begin selling Alert Energy Caffeine Gum, the Wall Street Journal reports. The packaging boasts that every hexagon-shaped piece of Alert contains about half... More »

Skittles Sales Soaring Amid Trayvon Outrage

But company is worried about PR issues

(Newser) - Much like hoodies, Skittles have become a symbol for Trayvon Martin supporters. They've been piled into makeshift memorials, handed out at rallies, and more. But despite the soaring sales, people at Wrigley, the Mars subsidiary that makes Skittles, are nervous about the PR implications, the New York Times reports.... More »

Tribune Sells Cubs for $800M

Family will pay $800M for 95% stake in team, Wrigley field

(Newser) - It’s official: Tribune Co. has signed an agreement to sell a majority stake in the Chicago Cubs to the Ricketts family, the Chicago Tribune reports. Picked as the winning bidder for the franchise in January, family negotiated a deal to pay $800 million for a 95% stake in the... More »

Gum Chewing = Math Smarts: Study

(Newser) - Researchers have discovered that gum-chewing students perform better at math, the Los Angeles Times reports. A study, sponsored by the Wrigley Science Institute, showed that young scholars who chomped on gum while attending math class, doing homework, and taking tests score 3% higher on tests after 14 weeks. Teachers found... More »

Wrigley Gum Drops Brown Ads

Singer suspended 'until the matter is resolved'

(Newser) - Wrigley has dropped Chris Brown from its Doublemint ad campaign—"until the matter is resolved"—following the R&B singer's alleged explosive confrontation with girlfriend Rihanna. His song, "Forever," was used in the ads. The BBC also notes that his involvement in the Milk Mustache campaign... More »

Secret of Chris Brown Hit: It's Really a Gum Commercial

'Forever' is pop-song take on Doublemint jingle

(Newser) - Singer Chris Brown’s hit “Forever” has a trick up its sleeve: It’s actually part of a marketing campaign for Wrigley’s Doublemint gum. The top-10 song contains the lyric "Double your pleasure/double your fun" for good reason, which Wrigley will reveal tomorow. The company paid Brown... More »

Fed Rate-Cut Jitters Knock Out Gains

Will the Fed cut rates, and by how much?

(Newser) - Stocks ended mixed today as concerns that the Fed might not cut rates at this week's meeting overwhelmed earlier gains that followed announcements of big deals, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Dow ended down 20.11 at 12,871.75, the Nasdaq up 1.47 at 2,424.40,... More »

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