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Obama's Our First Woman President

Dana Milbank thinks Obama's taking the pandering just a bit too far

(Newser) - Good news, Barack Obama. You may not be the first black president (that would be Bill Clinton), but you are the first gay one , and apparently the first woman, too. That's how Dana Milbank of the Washington Post is interpreting yesterday's schedule. Eager to exploit his advantage over... More »

Romney: Ex-McCain Basher, Now Groveler-in-Chief

VP wannabe is trying not to suck up to Mac too much

(Newser) - Mitt Romney has become so humble since bowing out to John McCain that he is now “the groveler”-in-chief, Eve Fairbanks writes in the New Republic. “Has ever a politician gone so cheerfully into defeat,” she asks? The two men were openly hostile on the trail, but... More »

Globalization Gives Pols an Easy Villain

Stump talk against free trade ignores real jobs stealer: technology

(Newser) - The candidates can complain all they want about globalization killing American workplaces, David Brooks writes in the New York Times, but job losses “would be happening even if you tore up every free trade deal ever inked.” It's no mystery, he argues: "The chief force reshaping manufacturing... More »

10 Takes on What Obama Should Do

Pastor's return makes it impossible for candidate to embrace him

(Newser) - Six of 10 pundits Salon asked what Barack Obama should do about the Jeremiah Wright problem say the candidate must get rid of the reverend. Andrew Sullivan calls Wright’s latest remarks “bitter and racist” and “a provocation"; he must be "clearly and irrevocably disowned." Martin... More »

4 Stories