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Apple Boss Turns Down $75M Payout

But Tim Cook was granted 1M Apple shares, so don't feel too bad for him

(Newser) - Not many of us would walk away from $75 million. Then again, not many of us have been granted 1.125 million Apple shares currently worth hundreds of millions. But that's what Apple CEO Tim Cook did according to documents filed with the SEC, reports CNNMoney . Apple's compensation... More »

Apple to Pay First Dividend Since 1995

Company authorizes buyback as well, will plow through $45B

(Newser) - Apple shareholders ought to be even happier with the company than usual this morning, as the gadgets giant announced plans to spend $45 billion of its $97 billion in cash reserves on a buyback and a dividend program. Of that, $10 billion will go to a buyback authorization—though Business... More »

What to Do With $100B Cash? Apple Likely to Say Today

Analysts suspect Apple might announce dividend program this morning

(Newser) - Facing increasing investor pressure over its incredible $100 billion pile of cash, could Apple finally be ready to issue some dividends? No one knows for sure. But Apple has announced a conference call this morning, before the markets open, to talk about "the outcome of the company’s discussions... More »

Banks Expected to Dole Out Dividends Again

Rising profits should lead to 'milestone' soon: Analysts

(Newser) - America’s top banks are expected to report yet another quarter of profits, putting them in prime position to start paying dividends again, analysts tell the New York Times . JPMorgan got things rolling today by reporting a 47% increase in profits, notes the Wall Street Journal . It will be followed... More »

BP to Delay Dividend to Appease Obama

Money will be put in escrow until full cost of Gulf cleanup is clear

(Newser) - BP plans to defer its dividend in an effort to get the Obama administration off of its back, sources tell the Times of London. The money, which is expected to total about $2.5 billion, will be placed in an escrow account until the full cost of the Gulf disaster... More »

BP Can't Explain Diving Stock

Company 'is not aware of any reason' for price drop

(Newser) - It’s probably not terribly surprising that BP’s stock hit a 13-year low this morning—unless, apparently, you’re BP. The company put out a statement last night saying that it was “not aware of any reason which justifies this share price movement.” Well, the Wall Street ... More »

Investors Flee GE Despite Soaring Profits

Fears about GE's capital arm and a possible loss of AAA rating stoke concerns

(Newser) - General Electric, long considered a reliable growth company paying an attractive dividend, is taking a beating ahead of a possible cut to its AAA debt rating, Bloomberg reports. Though GE recently posted its third-highest annual profit ever, the company has lost $264 billion in market value in 12 months and... More »

Macy's Slashes 7K Jobs

Job cuts, dividend reduction could save retailer $410M

(Newser) - Macy's said today it will cut 7,000 jobs, or 4% of its work force, and slash its dividend as it looks to lower expenses. The Cincinnati-based retailer says the reduction includes positions in offices, stores, and other locations. The cuts will include some unfilled jobs. Macy's anticipates the reductions... More »

Banks to Use Half Their Bailout Bucks to Pay Dividends

Critics: Cash was meant to spark lending

(Newser) - At least half the $163 billion banks are getting from the Treasury Department to shore up balance sheets and spur lending will be paid to shareholders as dividends over the next 3 years, reports the Washington Post. That’s raised the ire of members of Congress and some economists, who... More »

IBM Raises Dividend 25%

Firm paying out $2.5B, expecting $12B in stock buybacks

(Newser) - IBM raised its quarterly dividend for the thirteenth consecutive year today after posting strong Q1 earnings two weeks ago, the Wall Street Journal reports. The firm expects to pay $2.5 billion to shareholders this year after raising its dividend 25%, from 40 to 50 cents. IBM also expects to... More »

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