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Dear Arizona Leaders: You Screwed Up

Republic lambastes Brewer, McCain, Kyl for immigration fiasco

(Newser) - Newspaper decline or not, today's Arizona Republic would have had the paper boys of yore shouting "Extra! Extra!": In a virtually unheard-of front-page editorial, the paper calls out by name almost every state leader for "pandering to public fear" on immigration policy and "allowing the debate... More »

Tribune Bankrupt One Day, Engulfed by News the Next

Chicago institution breaks Blagojevich news, and is a player in corruption allegations

(Newser) - What a difference a day makes for the Chicago Tribune, which yesterday broke the story of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s arrest, and was itself an object of his alleged corrupting intentions—just a day after its parent company declared bankruptcy, the Wall Street Journal notes. “It’s pretty... More »

Cut the Charade: Let Rupert Have His Way With Journal

Let's stop kidding ourselves: he's taking it anyway

(Newser) - Let’s stop kidding ourselves, Jack Shafer writes in Slate: Rupert Murdoch is seizing control of the Wall Street Journal, and we might as well be done with the “Special Committee” that was supposed to protect editorial independence. The Bancroft family insisted on the creation of the board, which... More »

WSJ Oversight Panel Slams Editor's Ouster

Removal violated 'letter and spirit' of agreement with News Corp.

(Newser) - A committee formed to protect the editorial independence of the Wall Street Journal from Rupert Murdoch’s influence said today the solicited resignation of managing editor Macrus Brauchli violated an agreement with Murdoch's News Corporation, Reuters reports. The committee is supposed to review all high-level hirings and firings, but, as... More »

4 Stories