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9/11 Ceremony Endures at Transformed Ground Zero

Families remember loved ones in 'revitalized' Lower Manhattan

(Newser) - Bagpipes opened the ceremony marking the 13th anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001, today in Manhattan, USA Today reports, but in a place transformed by the years. The National September 11 Memorial & Museum sits at the spot where thousands gather to honor the fallen, as the nearly finished One World... More »

Neighbors to Occupy: Lay Off the Drum Circles

Meanwhile, man arrested in death threats dustup

(Newser) - The Occupy Wall Street protesters earned a stamp of approval of sorts from the Financial District’s community board—on the condition they rein in their drumming and peeing. Lower Manhattan Community Board 1 passed a non-binding resolution recognizing the protesters’ right to occupy Zuccotti Park by a wide margin... More »

Cops Beat, Mace Protesters at Occupy Wall Street Rally

Largest rally yet sees thousands converge on lower Manhattan, 28 arrested

(Newser) - The Occupy Wall Street movement staged its biggest demonstration yet yesterday, with thousands marching from lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park to Foley Square near City Hall. Their ranks were bolstered by students, workers, and members of more than 30 unions, DNAinfo reports. But the night also saw things get ugly... More »

80 Busted in 'Occupy Wall St.'

NYPD cracks down on week-old protest

(Newser) - The NYPD was busily busting protesters yesterday, notching at least 80 arrests on the seventh day of protests known as "Occupy Wall Street," reports the Wall Street Journal . "On our march from Union Square the cops proceeded to use nets to round up people," said one... More »

Forgotten Story of 9/11: World's Biggest Boatlift

Documentary recounts rescue of 500K by water

(Newser) - A 12-minute documentary tells a remarkable but overlooked story from 9/11—the evacuation by water of an estimated 500,000 New Yorkers, reports the Washington Post . The film, Boatlift, recounts how panicked residents made their way to the waterfront in Lower Manhattan and boarded a flotilla of ferryboats, Coast Guard... More »

Man Who Killed Dog as Art Sparks New NYC Storm

Tom Otterness, who shot dog for film, now in $750K public art deal

(Newser) - An artist who shot dead a dog for an "art film" has been commissioned to create new sculptures that could end up at a Manhattan public library branch—and New Yorkers are rabid about it. Brooklyn sculptor Tom Otterness adopted a small black-and-white dog from a Brooklyn shelter in... More »

Ground Zero Mosque Applied for $5M 9/11 Grant

Federal funds designed to encourage community projects

(Newser) - The Park51 Islamic center has taken a lot of crap for being located in the vicinity of Ground Zero, but now it’s hoping to cash in on that, too. The center applied for $5 million in federal funding earlier this month, looking to obtain grant money set aside to... More »

Ban Glenn Beck From Ground Zero

Fox host said in 2005 he 'hated' 9/11 families

(Newser) - The argument against the Park51 project—the so-called Ground Zero mosque—hinges on the idea that an Islamic symbol near the site of the 9/11 attacks is offensive to the families of the victims. One of the loudest voices opposing the project has been Glenn Beck, writes Cenk Uygur for... More »

Local Strippers Totally OK With Ground Zero Mosque

Dismiss 'hallowed ground' claims

(Newser) - Plans to build a mosque near the Ground Zero site in lower Manhattan have stirred outrage far and wide, but for many who work in the neighborhood, it's live and let live. "I don’t know what the big deal is," a stripper from the nearby New York... More »

Ground Zero Bars, Strip Clubs Abound

No shortage of sleaze in area surrounding proposed mosque

(Newser) - The outcry over the Ground Zero Pussycat Lounge and Ground Zero Thunder Lingerie is surprisingly absent, say reporters who took a look at what else lies on what opponents of a proposed mosque and community center call hallowed ground. The New York Daily News counted 17 pizza shops, 18 bank... More »

Group Sues to Halt Ground Zero Mosque

Pat Robertson law center says current building deserves landmarks protection

(Newser) - The debate over a planned mosque near Ground Zero became a court fight yesterday, as an advocacy group founded by Pat Robertson sued to stop the project. The American Center for Law and Justice claims the city Landmarks Preservation Commission underappreciated the historic value of the building currently on the... More »

Ground Zero Mosque Clears Hurdle

Panel rules old store not a historic landmark

(Newser) - New York’s Landmarks Preservation Commission paved the way for the “Ground Zero mosque” today, voting 9-0 that the building not be landmarked, and clearing the way for the structure to be torn down to make way for the mosque. The 152-year-old building, which once housed a Burlington Coat... More »

Courthouse Fire Delays Lil Wayne Sentencing

Hundreds evacuated, three injured

(Newser) - An electrical fire broke out in the basement of the Manhattan courthouse where Lil Wayne was to be sentenced today, postponing the rapper’s big day. Three people sustained minor injuries in the fire, which started at 10:30 this morning. Hundreds were evacuated, and the court’s afternoon docket... More »

9/11 Trials Won't Be in NYC

White House gives up on bringing terror suspects to Manhattan

(Newser) - The Obama administration’s plan to try alleged 9/11 terror plotters in a lower Manhattan court bit the dust today, swamped by waves of criticism from politicians from New York to Washington. “New York is out,” a source tells the Washington Post tonight. “We’re considering other... More »

White House Wants Justice to Consider Moving Terror Trials

Change follows further criticism from NY pols in 9/11 case

(Newser) - In an about-face a day after New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg joined those opposed to trying 9/11 terror suspects in a lower Manhattan court, the White House yesterday asked the Justice Department to consider alternate venues, the New York Times reports. President Obama is said to continue to support Attorney... More »

Bloomberg Wants Terror Trial Moved

Mayor cites cost, disruption to downtown life

(Newser) - Count Mayor Bloomberg among those who don't want the trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to take place in Manhattan. “It would be great if the federal government could find a site that didn’t cost a billion dollars, which using downtown will,” he said, in what the New ... More »

First Gitmo Detainee Arrives in US for Trial

Ahmed Ghailani to be tried for bombing US embassies

(Newser) - The first Guantanamo Bay detainee has landed on US soil, landing in New York to face trial on charges of bombing US embassies, the Justice Department said today. Ahmed Ghailani arrived in the early morning, to be held in law enforcement custody until his trial in federal court in lower... More »

NYC Gives Jumpy Citizens Heads-Up on Emergency Drill

'Lots of sirens' Sunday in Lower Manhattan

(Newser) - Mindful of the panic caused by the Air Force One flyover, New York is giving its residents fair warning of a massive emergency drill scheduled for Sunday, Reuters reports. The heads-up is “not necessarily” because of the scare, a spokesman said. But “people will see and hear lots... More »

JPMorgan Heads for Ground Zero

Bank gets $100M in incentives to build new skyscraper on WTC site

(Newser) - JPMorgan Chase has agreed to a $300 million dollar deal to develop and lease one of the five skyscrapers planned for the World Trade Center site, giving a big boost to the development effort at Ground Zero. The financial services giant's investment banking and trading divisions will migrate to the... More »

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