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Drake, Bieber Win Big at AMAs

Green Day slammed Trump, 'fascist USA'

(Newser) - The 2016 American Music Awards featured a number of pop stars strumming their guitars, Drake making a rare awards show appearance, an emotional speech from Selena Gomez, and political moments about President-elect Donald Trump. Drake, who has skipped his fair share of awards shows in recent years, was the big... More »

Plastic Surgeon: This Is the 'Perfect Face'

Others beg to differ

(Newser) - Combine Keira Knightley's eyes with Kate Middleton's nose and Penelope Cruz's lips and you have a beauty overload—and also the world's most desirable face, at least according to one plastic surgeon. Julian De Silva from London's Centre for Advanced Facial Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery... More »

Orlando Bloom Found a Way to Make Justin Bieber Really Mad

He's caught on camera making out with Selena Gomez

(Newser) - Orlando Bloom and Justin Bieber do not get along, and this is probably not going to help: TMZ says Bloom hooked up with Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez, at a Las Vegas nightclub Friday. Bloom, who has been dating Katy Perry, was photographed getting quite intimate with Gomez at an... More »

Selena Gomez: It Was Lupus, Not Drugs

'I’m so f---ing nice to everybody, and everyone is so vile to me'

(Newser) - The rumors flew when Selena Gomez canceled the last part of her tour in 2013 and went to rehab in 2014, with much of the tabloid media speculating that she was struggling with addiction. But, she reveals in a Billboard cover story, what she was actually struggling with was ... an... More »

Selena Gomez Bares Ankle in Mosque, Sparks Outrage

People angered at show of disrespect

(Newser) - Selena Gomez stirred up a controversy in Abu Dhabi by posting an Instagram shot of herself flashing her right ankle during a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque there earlier this week. In addition to the ankle-baring photo, Gomez posted a photo to Instagram of herself and friends including... More »

Orlando Bloom Takes Swing at Justin Bieber

They don't like each other thanks to Miranda Kerr, Selena Gomez

(Newser) - Orlando Bloom did something today that we've all probably wished we could do: He allegedly threw a punch at Justin Bieber. Sources tell Page Six both stars were at a hotspot in Ibiza in the wee hours and that things got heated around the time Bieber said something rude... More »

5 Celebs Who Don't Party Hard

It's not all about clubs and booze for these stars

(Newser) - In a rather hilarious story last weekend, Page Six reported that Selena Gomez is no longer friends with Taylor Swift because T-Swift is simply too boring. As evidence, Page Six relays this tale: Swift recently went to dinner in Manhattan with a group of 14, and "she did not... More »

5 Celebs Whose First Time Was With Another Celeb

At least, according to the gossip mill

(Newser) - Some people dream about losing their virginity to a superstar, but for celebrities, that dream can easily become reality. The Stir rounds up eight celebs whose first time was allegedly with a fellow star:
  • Rumor has it Taylor Swift lost her virginity to Jake Gyllenhaal after three months of dating.
... More »

Selena Gomez Dumps Parents as Managers

She's parting ways, professionally, with mom and stepdad

(Newser) - Selena Gomez is going through a breakup, but this one isn't with celebrity beau Justin Bieber. Instead, the 21-year-old singer is parting ways with her mom-ager and dad-ager and is now seeking new management. TMZ broke the story, reporting the split from mom Mandy and step-dad Brian Teefey, who'... More »

Investigators Want Justin Bieber Charged With Felony

Plus: He still has time to slam Selena Gomez

(Newser) - The plot thickens: Justin Bieber could end up charged with a felony over allegedly egging his neighbor's house . That's what sheriff's investigators asked prosecutors to do yesterday, CNN reports. Now prosecutors must decide whether to charge Bieber with felony vandalism (which means Bieber would have to appear... More »

Justin, Selena Together Again ... on Segways

Bieber, Gomez on what can only be described as a very romantic date

(Newser) - Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting back together? TMZ 's sources spotted the erstwhile pair on what sounds like an epically romantic outing: They were riding around Justin's Calabasas, California, neighborhood together on Segways. Their 12mph activity apparently caused a traffic jam, according to tweets and tweeted... More »

16 Celeb Couples Who Split Up This Year

2013 was unlucky for these stars

(Newser) - This year wasn't great for these 16 celebrity couples, all of whom split up. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or see the full lists at ETOnline , PopSugar , and the Huffington Post . More »

Getaway Is a Burning Car Wreck

Critics universally loathe Ethan Hawke and Selena Gomez's chase flick

(Newser) - Confession time: When we here at Newser HQ talked about which movie review roundup to write today, we decided on the car chase flick Getaway purely because the reviews looked so comically, overwhelmingly negative. As of this writing, it is at 1% on Rotten Tomatoes , with one positive review out... More »

11 Celebrity Friend 'Breakups'

These pairs split over guys, jealousy, and more

(Newser) - It's not just Hollywood romances that break up melodramatically—Hollywood friendships often do, too. PopSugar rounds up 11 celebrity pals who've split spectacularly. Click through the gallery for a sampling, or check out the full list —which includes one alleged sex tape leak, and another actress who... More »

15 Celebs Who Crashed Normal People's Weddings

Latest incident wasn't John Travolta's first time

(Newser) - John Travolta awesomely crashed a wedding last week, showing up (clad in a T-shirt, jeans, and a baseball cap) in the couple's wedding photos after meeting them at a bar the night before. He's not the first celebrity to do so ... in fact, it's not even the... More »

Justin Bieber Gets Booed, Pouts at Billboard Awards

Also manages to gross out Taylor Swift

(Newser) - Quite a few gossip outlets are gleefully crowing today that Justin Bieber got booed last night while accepting the Milestone Award at the Billboard Music Awards. (Though the cheers from the Beliebers in the audience seem to drown out a lot of the boos in the video, Vulture notes that... More »

Selena Gomez Tour Demands: Ramen, Pickles

Plus: She and Justin Bieber are definitely done-zo

(Newser) - Selena Gomez revealed some of her own "diva demands" to MTV recently, admitting that while on tour, her rider requests "incense, pickles always," and "I'll be honest ... ramen." She called her concert rider "boring." But she certainly hasn't had a boring... More »

Bieber Won't Help Me: Destitute Grandpa

George Bieber 'living in squalor,' says Justin never helps out

(Newser) - With a name like George Bieber, you'd think a person would have it made. But no, Justin Bieber's 61-year-old grandfather is, as the Sun puts it, "living in squalor." He has work-related back problems that keep him from working—or even making it upstairs in his... More »

Bieber Posts Racy Drawing of Belieber Hookup

Because, really, why not play it up? Also, Selena Gomez irks with bindi

(Newser) - Justin Bieber, apparently not at all interested in quelling rumors that he's losing it , recently posted a racy drawing to his Instagram depicting him (labeled "Justin," in case the hair didn't give it away) in bed with a fan (labeled simply, "Belieber"). The cartoon,... More »

Germany Gives Justin Bieber Ultimatum

He has 4 weeks to pick up his monkey

(Newser) - Justin Bieber is in danger of losing his monkey. Yes, you read that correctly. The singer's capuchin monkey, Mally, was seized by customs agents when Bieber landed in Germany last week and couldn't produce the necessary documents. The 14-week-old monkey has been quarantined in a city animal shelter... More »

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