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The Navajo Nation Had a Novel Idea: Buy Remington

Native American tribe's half-a-billion-dollar offer was rejected

(Newser) - The Navajo Nation is one of the country's biggest Native American tribes, and it oversees a sizable investment trust. What it wanted to do with some of the $3.3 billion in it attracted the notice of the New York Times : buy the gunmaker Remington. The bid—a cash... More »

Company That Made Nikolas Cruz's Gun 'Shares Nation's Grief'

American Outdoor Brands CEO calls Parkland shooting 'incomprehensible'

(Newser) - The CEO of the company that made the rifle used in the Parkland mass shooting says the firm "shares the nation's grief"—but it hasn't changed its mind about gun laws. "We share the nation’s grief over this incomprehensible and senseless loss of life,... More »

Game Makers Enjoy Cozy Ties With Gun Makers

Games provide a great marketing vehicle, and both sides take advantage

(Newser) - The latest spate of mass shootings has renewed talk about violent video games, and the New York Times provides an example of just how closely the makers of games work with the makers of guns: When Electronic Arts was getting ready to push its new Medal of Honor Warfighter, it... More »

Dick's Sporting Goods Halts Sales of Some Rifles

As private equity company tries to offload company that makes Bushmaster

(Newser) - Dick's Sporting Goods has pulled all of its guns from its location closest to Newtown, Connecticut, and has pulled some models of semi-automatic rifles from all its stores, the company announced today. On the company's website today, the page for "modern sporting rifles" is blank, CNN reports.... More »

Battle Rages Over Code That Could Solve Gun Crimes

Microstamping would imprint numbers on shell casings

(Newser) - One of the toughest tasks police face: IDing the gun used to commit a crime. One way to potentially eliminate much of the problem: microstamping, in which a laser engraves a code on a portion of the gun that, when fired, can then imprint said series of numbers on shell... More »

Court Rejects NYC Suit Against Gun Makers

City says too many criminals get weapons

(Newser) - A federal appeals court today tossed out a lawsuit brought by New York City against gun manufacturers for allowing their weapons to get into criminal hands, the New York Times reports. The city said gun makers create a public nuisance by not keeping a closer eye on retailers—thus supplying... More »

6 Stories