Grey's Anatomy

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Ellen Pompeo Describes Fight for $20M Salary

Grey 's Anatomy star is now TV's highest-paid actress

(Newser) - Ellen Pompeo is now the highest-paid actress on television—and she didn't get there by being a pushover. In a candid interview with the Hollywood Reporter , Pompeo, now in her 14th season starring in ABC's Grey's Anatomy, says she has finally "gotten to the place where... More »

5 Highest-Paid TV Actresses

Sofia Vergara, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting top the list

(Newser) - Forbes is out with its annual list of the 15 highest-paid TV actresses, and two sitcom stars sit atop it. The magazine looked at earnings—from their actual roles plus endorsement deals and other business ventures—from June 2014 to June 2015, and two actresses tied for No. 1:... More »

7 Best Lines From the McDreamy Petition

Let's just say lives have been ruined

(Newser) - As of this writing, there are more than 16,000 people who care so much about (spoiler alert!) last week's shock Grey's Anatomy death that they have decided to sign a petition entitled, "Bring Dr. Derek 'McDreamy' Shepard BACK!!!" Just a few of our... More »

Patrick Dempsey Pulls Teen From Flipped Car

Kid is OK, and McDreamy gets hero credits

(Newser) - Take that, Ryan Gosling . Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey played the hero himself by pulling an injured teen from a flipped car, reports TMZ . The young driver apparently lost control of his Mustang and flipped it multiple times before landing in the actor's front yard in Malibu. McDreamy... More »

30 Rock: TV's Least Ethical Show

Sitcom racks up 11 ethical violations per episode

(Newser) - If the employees on 30 Rock were real, they’d be in serious trouble. The NBC show is the biggest offender when it comes to depicting ethical violations in the workplace, CNN reports. Incidents like Alec Baldwin’s character referring to a “chick lawyer” who’s “asking for... More »

ABC Re-Airs Grey's Episode About Hospital Shooting...

...right after real Johns Hopkins shooting

(Newser) - Probably not ABC’s best idea ever: On the day a man shot a doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital before killing himself and his mother , the station’s Baltimore affiliate aired a Grey’s Anatomy re-run … about a man who goes on a shooting spree at the hospital. At... More »

Idol Is TV's Biggest Moneymaker

'Two and a Half Men,' '24' also rake in the bucks

(Newser) - TV shows are judged by ratings, but ratings don't always reflect how much cash a show actually brings in. The biggest moneymakers are longstanding hits with broad appeal, Kantar Media found in a survey of TV's most popular programs. The winner, unsurprisingly, is a show that practically defines mass appeal:... More »

10 Shows Kate Can Star in...Once She Loses DWTS

She'd make a great pageant mom

(Newser) - The hype surrounding Kate Gosselin may be enough to make the public overlook her awful, awful dancing for a while—but it’s only a matter of time before she gets kicked off Dancing With the Stars. What show should she do next? Olivia Allin offers up 10 ideas, on... More »

2009's Worst Sex Scenes

Congratulations, Katherine Heigl, for making the list twice

(Newser) - Sometimes on-screen sex scenes are just sex…not sexy. The Frisky points to a list on YourTango detailing the 10 worst sex scenes of 2009:
  • The Watchmen: Two superheroes have sex on a spaceship…with Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” playing in the background. Enough said.
  • The Ugly Truth: Katherine
... More »

DVR Viewers Give Ratings Boost to Grey's, Others

Execs hope these watchers will eventually translate into ad dollars

(Newser) - TV networks dismayed at low ratings early in the season are getting a ray of hope in the form of the once-feared DVR. Sure, ad buyers won’t pay out when a viewer watches Grey’s Anatomy on TiVo, but that and other shows are gaining a massive audience days... More »

Grey's Stars in Baby Battle

Ellen Pompeo, Katherine Heigl engage in baby one-upping competition

(Newser) - Wondering why Ellen Pompeo didn’t announce the arrival of her daughter—who was born last Tuesday—until yesterday? Perhaps it’s because her Grey’s Anatomy co-star Katherine Heigl chose last Tuesday to make the adoption of her own daughter public. "It was very curious timing,” a... More »

Victoria Dishes on Becks, Boobs, and Life in LA

Posh Spice spills to Elle about her TV habits, perpetual pout

(Newser) - Victoria Beckham, who graces the October cover of Elle, is speaking out about her life, her marriage to soccer megastar David, and how she's perceived. Among her pearls of wisdom:
  • "People think I’m a moody bitch. I do have my insecurities. Maybe that is why I look a
... More »

Ellen Pompeo's Hubby Stepping Out: Tab

19-year-old hostess says they had affair

(Newser) - Pregnant Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo has a cheating husband, Star reports. The tab says Chris Ivery, 41, had an affair with a 19-year-old Boston restaurant  hostess—and she confirms it. "We were intimate several times," Rachel Artz said. The two met up in Boston, Miami, and Martha's... More »

Heigl to Adopt Korean Baby Girl

10-month-old Nayleigh is from Korea

(Newser) - Grey's Anatomy star and negative-publicity magnet Katherine Heigl is adopting a special-needs Korean baby, RadarOnline reports. The baby's name is Naleigh, and she's 10 months old. The adoption has been in the works for months, and Heigl, whose sister Meg was also adopted from Korea, and hubby Josh Kelley are... More »

Woman in Dane's Nudie Vid a 'Madam'

(Newser) - The situation keeps getting ickier for poor Eric Dane and his nude video. Now it turns out the second woman who appears with the Grey's Anatomy star and wife Rebecca Gayheart in their hot-tub threesome has worked as a "madam" setting up hookers on jobs, reports the New York ... More »

Why Katherine Heigl Is Annoying

(Newser) - Katherine Heigl was “supposed to be America’s new sweetheart,” but somewhere we fell out of love. Sarah Ball, writing in Newsweek, lays some of the blame for her image as a “diva-like shrew” on "pure sexism. Every decade has a Most Annoying Actress,” Ball... More »

Winehouse Assault Trial Begins

Plus, no one cares about Mischa Barton, and more

(Newser) - Hair and booze, two of Amy Winehouse’s better-documented crutches, came into play at the start of her assault trial today, People reports. When demonstrating the height difference in court between herself and the dancer who accuses Winehouse of slapping her, Winehouse pointed out, “my hair does make a... More »

TR Knight Leaving Grey's Anatomy

(Newser) - It won't come as a huge shock to Grey's Anatomy fans, but TR Knight—aka Dr. George O'Malley—is leaving the show, reports Michael Ausiello of Entertainment Weekly. Knight has been unhappy with his shrinking role and has reportedly clashed with creator Shonda Rhimes. Knight's character was seriously injured in... More »

Corpses Having Sex Sparks Uproar

Popular traveling exhibit of bodies triggers new controversy

(Newser) - A controversial traveling exhibit of preserved bodies has sparked a storm of controversy with a new addition of corpses having sex, reports the Guardian. "It's not meant to be sexually stimulating," said creator Gunther von Hagens, who opens the Berlin exhibit to the public today. German politicians and... More »

Disney to Buy Hulu Stake, Upload ABC Shows

Lost , Grey's Anatomy to join Hulu roster

(Newser) - Disney and Hulu have a deal to allow the web-video site to show episodes from ABC properties, the Wall Street Journal reports. Disney’s approximately 30% stake in Hulu will be comparable to that of NBC and News Corp, which bankrolled the site initially. Disney said popular shows like Lost... More »

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