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5 Survival Tips That Could Be Difference Between Life, Death

A little preparation goes a long way

(Newser) - Survival expert Creek Stewart has been called "Fabio of the forest," a nickname that he seemed unbothered by in a 2015 interview with Indianapolis Monthly . "I do use [my hair] to insulate my neck. If you can control the temperature of your neck in cold weather, you... More »

Survival Guide Advice: Eat This Guide

Land Rover book made of edible materials

(Newser) - If your Land Rover has taken you far off the beaten path, never fear: The automaker now offers its own survival guide. Out of food? Still no need to worry—you can eat the guide itself, Gizmodo reports. Indeed, the guide's front cover begs you to do so. (The... More »

Japan Firm Builds 'Noah's Ark' For Next Tsunami

Giant tennis ball also functions as toy house

(Newser) - It’s Noah’s Ark for the 21st century: A Japanese firm has built a tiny, floating shelter that can hold four adults, the AP reports. Called the “Noah,” the enhanced-fiberglass contraption looks like a huge tennis ball and doubles as a toy house for kids. Cosmo Power... More »

'Prepper' Movement Goes Mainstream

The new survivalists are no longer just on the fringe

(Newser) - The “ preppers ”—survivalists hoarding supplies and learning essential skills in anticipation of a disastrous event—may have seemed like a fringe movement at first, but they’re growing. Don’t believe it? Just take a look at the numerous blogs, podcasts, and websites that teach everything from... More »

Today's Survivalists: Call Them 'Preppers'

No camouflage, but maybe stockpiles of canned food

(Newser) - They’re ready for the worst, but they’re not your old-fashioned nutjobs: you won’t likely see "preppers" building bunkers in the woods or expecting the apocalypse. Today’s post-Katrina, recession-era survivalists, their fears heightened by 24-hour news and the Internet, just want to “take some steps... More »

10 High-Tech Survival Items

Innovative solutions for wilderness living

(Newser) - Wired sees a distinct lack of cool high-tech outdoor gear, and gives its favorite examples of steps in the right direction:
  1. The Cocoon, a hanging teardrop-shaped tent/sleeping bag.
  2. The Adamant, an earthquake-proof bed.
  3. The Bedu Emergency Rapid Response Kit, a keg full of enough essentials to keep a family alive
... More »

6 Stories