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Bottled Water: Bad News for Your Teeth?

The lack of fluoride can contribute to tooth decay, dentists warn

(Newser) - As if bottled water didn’t have a bad enough rap already , it turns out it can also contribute to tooth decay. Many dentists and pediatricians are concerned that children who only drink bottled water may experience more cavities, thanks to the fact that most bottled water does not contain... More »

10 High-Tech Survival Items

Innovative solutions for wilderness living

(Newser) - Wired sees a distinct lack of cool high-tech outdoor gear, and gives its favorite examples of steps in the right direction:
  1. The Cocoon, a hanging teardrop-shaped tent/sleeping bag.
  2. The Adamant, an earthquake-proof bed.
  3. The Bedu Emergency Rapid Response Kit, a keg full of enough essentials to keep a family alive
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2 Stories