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UK Tabs Aflutter as Meghan Markle Hits Harry's Polo Match

Actress attends her first public event with the prince

(Newser) - American actress Meghan Markle's attendance at a celebrity polo match in which Prince Harry played is increasing British press speculation about their relationship, reports the AP . Photographs from the Saturday's match show Markle on the sidelines, but the appearance is being hailed as her first public event with... More »

Polo Star Teams With Lab to Clone Best Horses

Cloning polo horses could be big business in sport where champs are castrated

(Newser) - One of Argentina's top polo players has formed an alliance with a US genetics lab to create clones of his top polo horses, a move that threatens to revolutionize the competitive "sport of kings," reports the Guardian . "Throughout the sport everybody's talking about what's... More »

Prince Harry Takes a Header

Watch the prince fall off his polo horse and dance the calypso

(Newser) - Prince Harry's recent fundraising efforts in Barbados have resulted in two viral videos—one where he shows off his dancing skills, and another in which he, well, doesn't quite show off his polo skills. The prince tumbled from his horse during a charity polo match raising money for... More »

Gatecrashers' Charity More Fishy Than Horsey

$250K event netted just $18K for charity

(Newser) - A close look at the America's Polo Cup charity event created by White House gatecrashers Tareq and Michaele Salahi reveals inconsistencies that could look mighty suspicious to those taking an uncharitable view. Tareq Salahi—captain of the US polo team that will play India in this year's cup—said the... More »

Afghans Revive Goat-Carcass Sport

Buzkashi draws sponsors in post-Taliban economy

(Newser) - Not even the Taliban managed to kill it, and now buzkashi, the national sport of Afghanistan, is thriving again, attracting corporate sponsors and emboldening its boosters to contact Olympics officials, with the ambition of building an international following. Did we mention it’s a virtually rule-less polo-like game played by... More »

How to Tell If You're a WASP

(Newser) - Being a WASP is a lot more than being just white, Anglo-Saxon, and Protestant. Author Tad Friend expounds at length on the criteria for true WASP-hood in his upcoming book Cheerful Money: Me, My Family, and the Last Days of WASP Splendor. Vogue offers the highlights:
  • Your refrigerator "contains
... More »

Celebs Watch Prince Harry Play in NYC

(Newser) - Prince Harry reminded New Yorkers today how much his mother had loved their city, then climbed onto a pony for a rousing game of polo to raise money for impoverished children in Africa. The 24-year-old prince drew a crowd that included stars like Madonna, actresses Kate Hudson and Chloe Sevigny,... More »

Prince Harry to Visit America

Will be first trip to US since childhood

(Newser) - Attention anglophiles and royal watchers: Prince Harry is making his first formal visit to the United States on May 30, People reports. The ginger prince will compete in a polo classic benefiting charity on New York's Governor's Island, pay his respects to September 11 victims, and meet with wounded service... More »

Harry: I Don't Wash My Hair

Wilder prince into alternative hair care

(Newser) - Apparently Prince Harry's tufty ginger locks are due to something more than genetics. He boasted to buddies at a bar recently that he hasn't washed his hair in two years, reports the Telegraph. He's likely a follower of a low-maintenance quirky health theory that claims hair effectively cleans itself once... More »

Mineral Overdose Killed Polo Horses: Officials

Selenium overdose likely claimed animals' lives

(Newser) - Florida officials say a mineral overdose is the probable cause of death for 21 Venezuelan-owned polo horses that fell ill as they prepared for a championship match earlier this month. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said today the animals likely overdosed on selenium, a common mineral that... More »

Pharmacy Bungled Drug for Dead Horses

(Newser) - The Florida pharmacy that prepared vitamin supplements for the 21 polo horses that died last weekend has admitted that the mixture was faulty, the Palm Beach Post reports. Franck’s Pharmacy in Tallahassee said today that the level of one ingredient in the supplement—which the polo team says was... More »

Polo Horses' Owner Also Mysterious

(Newser) - Exactly what killed 21 polo horses in Florida is not known, but details of their enigmatic owner are emerging in spades. Victor Vargas has succeeded at the tricky proposition of banking in Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, and tried the US market—with less-than-stellar results. In 1993, he had to settle... More »

Bad Vitamin Killed Polo Horses: Team Captain

Common drug was tainted, he claims

(Newser) - A tainted vitamin supplement killed the 21 horses that collapsed before a polo match in Florida last weekend, the captain of the Venezuelan team claims. He notes that five horses not given the drug are fine. The French drug, called Biodyl, is commonly administered in Europe but not approved for... More »

Fla. Launches Criminal Probe In Polo Horse Deaths

(Newser) - Florida has opened a criminal investigation into the deaths of 21 polo horses over the weekend in Palm Beach, USA Today reports, aiming to find out if negligence or foul play might have been behind the incident. “We would be looking at any and all possible leads,” said... More »

Polo Owner Wept as Horses Died in His Arms

Tests not likely to reveal cause of deaths for weeks

(Newser) - Devastated polo team owner Victor Vargas cradled the heads of his fallen horses and sobbed as they died in his arms, colleagues said yesterday. The wealthy Venezuelan banker—whose business has thrived despite Hugo Chavez's socialist regime—rushed from animal to animal as 21 suddenly collapsed and died shortly before... More »

Steroids Didn't Kill 21 Polo Horses: Vet

21 animals lost in mystery affliction

(Newser) - The death of 21 horses in Florida for the US Open Polo Championship yesterday remains a mystery, but a veterinarian for the Venezuelan team that owned the horses said it was unlikely they were killed by a bad reaction to steroids, the Palm Beach Post reports. "Almost certainly they... More »

14 Horses Drop Dead Before Polo Match

Sources believe they reacted to tainted steroid cocktail

(Newser) - A mystery death claimed the lives of 14 horses from a Venezuelan team yesterday shortly before they were to compete in the US Open Polo Championship in Florida. The $100,000 horses suddenly struggled to breathe as vets fought to revive them, the Palm Beach Post reports. Onlookers wept after... More »

Rugged Riding Game Unlike Snooty Polo

Polo's distant cousin appeals to equestrians of every level

(Newser) - Don't mistake polocrosse for its snooty cousin, polo, the Washington Post reports. The increasingly popular riding sport is more like rugged lacrosse, because polocrosse players don't just knock a ball around—they scoop, fire, and catch a ball in a hand-held net. "No one's ever heard of it. Not... More »

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