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An Actual Med School Was Going to Teach Spoon Bending

'Medical quackery'

(Newser) - Whoa . Medical faculty at the University of Alberta in Canada booked a reiki expert to lead a spoon-bending workshop—and no, this is not a joke. “This experiential workshop will teach a guided meditation/energy transfer technique which will have most participants bending cutlery using the power of their... More »

Dr. Oz to 'Aggressively' Go After Critics

In his sights Thursday: doctors with links to genetically modified food industry

(Newser) - Last week a group of doctors penned a complaint to Columbia University about Dr. Mehmet Oz, griping he shouldn't be vice chair of the college's surgery department due to his questionable medical advice and "outrageous conflicts of interest." Now Oz is planning to "aggressively" take... More »

Good for Actually Nothing: Homeopathy

'There are no health conditions for which homeopathy is effective'

(Newser) - Homeopathy—the idea that one can heal oneself with illness-inducing substances in tiny quantities—is basically a bunch of quackery practiced by delusional people who take their own lives in their hands and might just as well take a sugar pill instead, according to Australia's National Health and Medical... More »

Regrown Finger Called 'Absurd'

Scientist blast man's claim that pig-bladder 'pixie dust' restored digit

(Newser) - A UK plastic surgeon repudiated claims by an American company that a powder made from a pig’s bladder spurred regrowth of a man’s severed fingertip, the Guardian reports. Stories circulated this week of Lee Spievack’s “miraculous” recovery thanks to what he called “pixie dust,”... More »

4 Stories