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Lochte in Line for Long Suspension

IOC, USA Swimming will ban him for 10 months

(Newser) - Ryan Lochte has been hit with a 10-month suspension for his behavior in Rio, sources tell USA Today , CNN , and other outlets. The punishment handed down by the International Olympic Committee, the United States Olympic Committee, and USA Swimming also includes a ban from 2017's world championship meet in... More »

Brock Turner Gets Lifetime Ban From USA Swimming

Effectively ending his Olympic dreams

(Newser) - Brock Turner may have received just a six-month sentence (of which he'll likely serve only three) from a judge for raping an unconscious girl behind a dumpster, but he won't get the same leniency from USA Swimming, USA Today reports. The organization, which oversees all professional swim... More »

Rampant Sex Abuse Dogs USA Swimming

Coaches have attacked young athletes amid years of limited oversight

(Newser) - In an environment of little oversight, leading swim coaches across the US have taken advantage of a power dynamic to abuse their athletes for decades. In an in-depth piece at Outside , Rachel Sturtz recounts the story of Anna Strzempko, a former top swimmer who has reported repeated rapes by her... More »

Michael Phelps Charged With DUI

It's his second charge in 10 years

(Newser) - Michael Phelps was charged early today with driving under the influence, reports TMZ —the second such charge the swimmer has faced in 10 years. Sources tell the site he was pulled over in his native Maryland, reportedly going 84mph in a 45mph zone, and that he "bombed" his... More »

Lochte Injured by Overexcited Fan

Swimming champ out with another 'freak injury'

(Newser) - Swimming champ Ryan Lochte will be out of the pool for a while because of a hazard on land—an overexcited fan. When a teenage girl ran at the swimmer in Florida over the weekend, he caught her and he hit his knee on the curb when they both toppled... More »

Michael Phelps Makes History: Medal No. 19

Nobody has more Olympic medals

(Newser) - He may not be minting gold as he did at the last Olympics, but Michael Phelps is still making history. The US swimmer picked up a gold and a silver today to bring his career Olympic total to a record 19 medals, reports USA Today . (He's got another silver... More »

USA Swimming Calls for Probe Into Sex Abuse

Coach is accused of molesting teen swimmer for years

(Newser) - Managers of the USA Swimming national organization have called for an emergency disciplinary hearing to probe sex abuse charges against a coach, reports ABC News . Rick Curl, who coached swimmer Tom Dolan to medals in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics, attended last month’s US Olympic trials in Omaha on... More »

Scientists Tell Swimmers to Change Their Strokes

Michael Phelps is so good thanks to mechanical advantage

(Newser) - Science has figured out one of the reasons Michael Phelps is so dang fast. A series of studies completed since the Beijing Olympics has radically challenged some long-held conventional wisdom about swimming, Reuters reports. One study funded by USA Swimming, for instance, found that when it comes to freestyle and... More »

Athlete Sues Coach, USA Swimming for Abuse

Swimmer: Sport's governing body didn't protect me

(Newser) - A former swimmer who says her coach sexually abused her for 5 years starting when she was just 15 has filed suit against the coach and USA Swimming. Jancy Thompson says the abuse from coach Norm Havercroft forced her to give up the sport she loved and abandon her dream... More »

36 USA Swimming Coaches Molested Teen Athletes

Families sue coaching authority for lax oversight

(Newser) - USA Swimming has been rocked by the disclosure that 36 coaches have been banned for life for molesting teen athletes over the last 10 years, according to a suit brought by victims' families. Coaches secretly videotaped, fondled, and were otherwise indecent with their charges, court papers reveal. One coach in... More »

Swimmer Makes Ass of Himself

(Newser) - Champion US swimmer Ricky Berens got that sinking feeling when his high-tech suit split down the back an instant before he sailed into the water for his leg of a relay at the FINA Swimming World Championship in Rome. The result was a flash of muscly derrière transmitted on... More »

Phelps Smashes 100M Butterfly Record

(Newser) - Michael Phelps demolished both the 100-meter butterfly world record and any lingering concerns about his fitness at the US Nationals yesterday, USA Today reports. Phelps—who returned to training less than five months ago—finished in 50.22 seconds, breaking the 50.40 record set by fellow American Ian Crocker... More »

Kellogg's Faces Pro-Phelps Backlash

Fans launch boycott, slam company with wave of complaints

(Newser) - Kellogg's decision to drop Michael Phelps’ sponsorship deal has created an angry wave of would-be cereal killers, the Baltimore Sun reports. A Facebook group urging consumers to boycott the company has hit 5,000 members and is growing fast. Pro-marijuana groups are also calling for a boycott, labeling the company's... More »

We May Never Know Who Took the Pot Pic

Many people could have taken bong photo

(Newser) - Plenty of people partied with Michael Phelps in South Carolina around the time he smoked marijuana, but the abundance of witnesses doesn't mean we'll ever know who took the picture that got the Olympian into trouble. Some fellow partiers saw iPhones out, but no one's even sure which night the... More »

Phelps: 3-Month Suspension Is Fair Punishment

Shamed Olympic champ accepts USA Swimming's decision

(Newser) - Michael Phelps believes a 3-month suspension from USA Swimming is a fair enough price to pay for getting caught toking up, the AP reports. "Obviously, for a mistake you should get punished," said the acclaimed Olympic gold medalist. Phelps says he has been spending a lot of time... More »

Phelps Penalty Misses Point

Swimmer, clueless on dry land, should be forced back into pool as community service

(Newser) - US swimming authorities flopped in their decision to suspend Michael Phelps from competition, George Vecsey writes in the New York Times. Now Phelps “has more time to wander into parties and hold interesting-looking objects up to his face and say, ‘Hey, dude, what’s this?’” Instead, the... More »

US Olympic Medalist Details Sex Abuse

Swimmer Hoelzer goes public in hopes of helping other victims

(Newser) - Olympic medalist Margaret Hoelzer was sexually abused, she tells the AP in the hopes of helping other victims. The abuse by the friend of a father started when she was 5 years old, the swimmer says, and did not stop until the family moved 2 years later. The abuser was... More »

Phelps to Kick Off SNL Opener

Gold medal star makes comedy debut as host next month

(Newser) - Super swimmer Michael Phelps will be trying his hand at making comedy gold as host of the season premier of Saturday Night Live, E! Online reports. The 23-year-old Olympic champ will be making his acting debut when the program's 34th season kicks off September 13. The swimmer will be joined... More »

Spitz Starts Life as Second-Greatest

1972 Olympic champ stays gracious after record falls to Phelps

(Newser) - Outspoken and prickly in the best of times, Mark Spitz is slowly adjusting to being the second-greatest Olympian of all time, the Wall Street Journal reports. Mustering a little grace for the occasion, Spitz says he's relieved at the downgrade. "He's got the burden of inspiring the youth as... More »

Phelps' Ties to Timekeeper Raise Doubts

Sponsor Omega won't release images of race No. 7 finish

(Newser) - Michael Phelps' razor-thin victory in his seventh race is raising sticky ethical questions because the Olympics' official timekeeper is also one of Phelps' sponsors, the New York Times reports. Making matters worse, the timekeeper, Omega, and swimming's governing body won't break with protocol and release underwater images of the finish.... More »

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