Clostridium difficile

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New Cure for Terrible Diarrhea: Frozen Poop Pills

Now available frozen

(Newser) - Might want to put down your sandwich while you read this one: Clostridium difficile, an infection of the intestines associated with terrible cases of diarrhea, is linked to some 14,000 American deaths each year. But researchers have found a promising treatment in the form of fecal transplants , in which... More »

Introducing the Nation's First Poop Bank

But save the jokes, because it might save lives

(Newser) - Think of it, in the words of Science News , as the "Brown Cross." OpenBiome , started by grad students, has the distinction of being the nation's first stool sample bank, and its creators make a convincing case that it's long overdue. Consider that about 14,000 Americans... More »

New Superbug Highlights Poor Hospital Hygiene

Deadly C. diff., aided by over-prescription of antibiotics, is on the rise

(Newser) - A deadly new superbug—beefed up by the over-prescription of antibiotics and spread by dirty hospitals and nursing homes—is raising concern in the medical community, MSNBC reports. The so-called C. diff is a mutated form of a benign bug typically transmitted in unsanitary medical facilities, especially bathrooms. Cases are... More »

3 Stories