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Cops Tame 200 in Baby-Shower Brawl

Police call for backup, pull out Tasers

(Newser) - Police officers yesterday broke up a massive brawl at a baby shower by tasing at least one person and arresting four others, WHDH reports. It began when an officer tried breaking up a fight during the shower at a neighborhood social club in Stoughton, Mass., police say. Things got so... More »

Infant Killed After Fight Over Baby Shower Seating?

Grandmother thinks fight escalated into tragedy

(Newser) - What was initially reported as a tragic gang-related shooting in Detroit may in fact be something else entirely: Hundreds of people visited a funeral home last night to mourn a 9-month-old who was sleeping on a couch in the wee hours of Feb. 20 when he was killed by a... More »

Britney Helps Jamie Lynn Celebrate

Family, friends gather to fete 17-year-old mom-to-be

(Newser) - Britney Spears returned home to Louisiana over the weekend for a cameo at 17-year-old sister Jamie Lynn's baby shower at their mother's home in Kentwood, People reports. "We all sat in a circle and she opened gifts and thanked every person," said a guest. "It was just... More »

3 Stories