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Hackers Hit Sony Again

LulzSec claims new cyberattack

(Newser) - According to hacker group Lulz Security or LulzSec, the current score is "hackers 16, Sony 0." That's what the group posted yesterday after claiming to have staged the 16th recent cyberattack on the electronics company. LulzSec posted a file containing Sony Computer Entertainment Developer Network source code,... More »

Hackers Hit Nintendo

But no customer data breached, company says

(Newser) - First the hackers came for Sony’s PlayStation Network , and now they’ve breached Nintendo. The Japanese company announced today that one of its US website servers was hacked, but no company or customer information was compromised and nothing was damaged. Though the incident is minor compared to the PlayStation... More »

Hackers: We've Stolen 1M Sony Passwords

LulzSec claims to have raided Sony Pictures servers

(Newser) - Sony appears to have been hit by the second massive data breach in the space of a few months. A hacker group calling itself "Lulz Security" claims to have broken into servers that run and stolen the passwords, email addresses, and other personal data of a million... More »

Following Hacks, Sony Restarts PlayStation Network

But full service won't be restored until end of May

(Newser) - Sony started restoring limited service to its online networks yesterday after taking its popular gaming system offline nearly a month ago after a massive security breach that affected 100 million users, reports the Wall Street Journal . Internet gaming, movie rentals, music services, and online video streaming are the first operations... More »

Hackers Plan to Attack Sony This Weekend

Sony CEO apologizes; firm to offer free ID-theft monitoring

(Newser) - Sony’s CEO has finally broken his silence on the PlayStation network break-ins—but his comments come just as hackers, angry at Sony’s handling of the situation, announced plans to attack the company this weekend, in what would be the third such attack against Sony. These hackers say they... More »

Sony Blames Anonymous for Hack Attack

Group denies 'incompetent' company's allegations

(Newser) - The activist hacker organization Anonymous is at least partly to blame for the huge Playstation Network security breach that exposed the data of millions of customers, according to Sony. Company officials told US lawmakers that they discovered a file on one of its servers with the hacking collective's name... More »

Sony Gets Hacked Again

Breach of Sony Online Entertainment affects 24M users

(Newser) - Sony’s got another security breach on its hands. This time, hackers may have made off with the information of about 24 million users of Sony Online Entertainment products, which include games like Everquest and DC Universe Online. Sony doesn’t think credit card information was stolen, but hackers also... More »

Sony: Hackers Could Have 10M Credit Cards

But company says there is no evidence card data was compromised

(Newser) - Sony executives apologized today for the PlayStation Network security breach , and acknowledged the hackers could have credit card information from as many as 10 million customers. Today’s press conference was the first time Sony, whose executives bowed deeply to express regret, has said how many credit cards could be... More »

PlayStation Hackers: We’ve Got 2.2M Credit Cards

Users report fraud, but it may be coincidence

(Newser) - Chatting in online forums, hackers are citing a huge haul from the attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network : They claim they now have access to some 2.2 million credit cards. The assertion can’t be verified, say experts—but a number of users are reporting suspicious charges on their... More »

PlayStation Hacker May Have Users’ Credit Card Info

Sony's security breach just got a lot worse

(Newser) - A hacker who got into the PlayStation Network may have gotten players' credit card information—including expiration dates and security codes, reports USA Today . "We cannot rule out the possibility," says a Sony executive on a company blog . The hacker, or hackers, did get personal information such as... More »

Sony Unveils 2 Tablets

S1, S2 computers coming later this year

(Newser) - Sony's engineers have come down from the mountain with not one, but two tablet computers. The company says the computers—code-named S1 and S2—will hit stores worldwide this fall, reports the Wall Street Journal . The S1 will be a slate-style tablet, and the S2 will be a shell-shaped... More »

Quake May Cause iPad Part Shortage

Toshiba shut down a flash memory facility

(Newser) - The earthquake that rocked Japan may also put a dent into Apple’s iPad supply, a financial analyst warned yesterday. Two key iPad 2 components—its super-thin battery and its flash memory—are manufactured in Japan, research firm HIS iSuppli noted. Toshiba, which makes the device’s flash memory, had... More »

On iPod's Birthday, Sony Stops Making Walkmans

OK, one day before iPod's birthday, but still...

(Newser) - Almost exactly nine years to the day after Apple started selling the iPod, Sony announced it will stop making and selling its classic Walkman. The portable cassette player wasn’t an overnight sensation when it was introduced in 1979, but gained must-have status by the 1980s and ultimately sold 200... More »

Nintendo Rolls Out 'Stunning' No-Glasses 3D Game System

Nintendo's 'stunning' 3DS can also take 3D pictures

(Newser) - Nintendo made a deep splash at E3 last night with the 3DS, a 3D version of its portable system. The device doesn’t require any glasses to produce the illusion of 3D, and can turn the effect off if your eyes ever get tired. It can also play 3D movies... More »

Google Unveils 'GoogleTV'

It partners with Sony, Intel

(Newser) - Google is hoping to succeed where Apple and so many others have failed with GoogleTV, its attempt to bring the Internet to your television set. Google unveiled the software today, at what the Wall Street Journal called a “glitch-plagued demonstration” in San Francisco. The software will allow you to... More »

Beyoncé's Label Blocks Her YouTube Channel

For Sony, piracy is piracy no matter where

(Newser) - If you want to watch a Beyoncé video, one place you shouldn't be headed is Beyoncé's own YouTube channel. In an apparent piracy crackdown, Sony has blocked her videos; visit the channel and you're likely to see a message: “This video contains content from Sony Music Entertainment, who... More »

Nintendo Going 3D, Without Glasses

Handheld DS system will be upgraded eventually

(Newser) - Nintendo is planning to release a 3D version of its portable DS system, with one really intriguing twist: there won’t be any glasses. Dubbed the Nintendo 3DS, the company is calling the device the successor to the current DS series. Nintendo won’t reveal any more details until June,... More »

How 13 Big Tech Firms Got Their Names

From the improbable to the top secret, it takes all kinds

(Newser) - The Business Insider figures you've also wanted to know how your favorite high tech concern got its name. Well, you're in luck! Here goes:
  1. SUN Microsystems: It's actually an acronym for Stanford University Network, the school where the founders met.
  2. Cisco: Actually not an acronym, as often assumed. It's just
... More »

Google TV Wants to Take Over Your Living Room

Search king teams up with Intel, Sony for TV project

(Newser) - Google is scrambling for a piece of the action as more and more people use their TVs to access web content. The search giant has teamed up with Intel and Sony to build a new generation of TVs and set-top boxes using its Chrome browser and Android cell phone system,... More »

Sony, Jackson Estate Sign Massive $250M Record Deal

Package includes 10 recordings, audio rights

(Newser) - Michael Jackson has landed a record deal that would be the envy of most living superstars. The mega-agreement between Sony and the Jackson estate will involve 10 records—containing both unreleased and repackaged songs—over the next 7 years and guarantees the estate close to $250 million, insiders tell the... More »

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