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Zuckerberg's Mortgage a 1% Special

Loan illustrates benefits of wealth

(Newser) - The mortgage on Mark Zuckerberg's new $5.95 million abode brings whole new meaning to the term, "1%." For starters, that's roughly the rate Zuckerberg is paying—it's adjustable rate, but it's starting at just 1.05%. It's also the kind of loan... More »

Detroit Woman, 101, Evicted From Home of 58 Years

Texana Hollis' son admits he stopped making payments

(Newser) - A particularly sad foreclosure story out of Detroit: Texana Hollis has been evicted from her home of the past 58 years ... at the age of 101. As if that's not depressing enough, Hollis and her late husband owned the home outright—but in 2003, Hollis' son persuaded her to... More »

Mortgage Rates Plunge to Lowest Ever

But plunging house values make refinancing impossible for many homeowners

(Newser) - The benchmark 30-year mortgage interest rate has fallen below 5% for the first time ever as the collapsing economy continues to force interest rates down. Adjustable-rate mortgages fell to 5.25%, reports MarketWatch. But many homeowners can't take advantage of the new low rates to refinance because the value of... More »

How One Woman's Home, and Dream, Foreclosed

One woman's story helps us understand today's financial mess

(Newser) - When a California woman bought a home 3 years ago, she had little idea that her mortgage would help drag down the nation's economy—and the world's, the Sacramento Bee reports. Erin O'Hagan and two family members pooled incomes to buy a $475,000 Sacramento home, and planned to refinance... More »

Feel Good Again About Your Pricey House

In 10 years, you'll be back in the black

(Newser) - Bought an expensive house right before the subprime crash? Fret not, writes Chris Ayres in the Los Angeles Times. With 5% inflation, lower interest rates, and a mortgage tax deduction, buyers of pricey houses will be smiling in 10 years. "If you're a boom-time buyer who can still pay... More »

New Wave of Foreclosures Expected in '09

ARM holders will see payments soar as their mortgages reset

(Newser) - America’s subprime victims may have grudgingly accepted their fate, but there’s a new class of borrowers primed to suffer, BusinessWeek reports. Homeowners who took out ARMs, or adjustable rate mortgages, will soon face skyrocketing payments as their loans reset. About a million people have the mortgages, but only... More »

Foreclosures Go Upscale

It's taken longer for ballooning loans to hit the wealthy, now facing the music

(Newser) - Luxury homes—once seemingly immune from the mortgage crisis—are starting to hit foreclosure lists across the nation, the Washington Post reports. And, real-estate agents predict, it’s just the beginning of a trend likely to grow as more buyers who bought beyond their means with adjustable-rate and interest-only mortgages... More »

US Must Stop Foreclosures, Bernanke Warns

He warns of cascading crisis

(Newser) - Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke yesterday called for government intervention to halt home foreclosures, warning that to do nothing could "destabilize communities, reduce property values of nearby homes, and lower tax revenues." Bernanke said in a speech in New York that a million Americans were already three months... More »

8 Stories