Speed Racer

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Speed Racer Crashes at Weekend Box Office

Iron Man shows no signs of rust

(Newser) - Speed Racer stalled in its weekend box office debut, banking just a fifth of its $100 million budget and allowing Iron Man to maintain top spot and earn another $50 million. Racer ran neck-and-neck with the comedy What Happens in Vegas, which also scored $20 million. Made of Honor and... More »

Speed Racer Is a Slog

Sparkling presentation doesn't make up for failed storyline

(Newser) - The Wachowski brothers’ Speed Racer is a flashy ride that would be great for kids—if it weren’t “like C-SPAN set in an arcade,” writes Carina Chocano in the Los Angeles Times. Endless, aimless dialog, she says, dominates the “juvenile and hermetic” pastiche about a Grand... More »

IMAX Stars in Hollywood Comeback

With transition to digital helping trim cost, high-end movie business looking up

(Newser) - IMAX, the format synonymous with a high-end, big-screen movie experience, is poised for a Hollywood comeback as spectacular as anything in theaters, USA Today reports. With new digital projectors trimming costs dramatically, IMAX will increase North American venues 80% by the end of 2009—and movie studios are getting on... More »

3 Stories