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Obama Claims Delegate Majority; Wins in Oregon

He returns to Iowa, says 'change is coming to America'

(Newser) - Barack Obama said tonight that his campaign had reached a pivotal milestone by clinching a majority of the pledged delegates at stake in the Democratic primary, CNN reports. Addressing a rally in Iowa—the state that put his campaign on a winning path—Obama declared that victory is "within... More »

...And 5 in Oregon

Politico : State seems 'tailor-made' for Obama

(Newser) - Oregon voters' sympathy for "the cool, cerebral type" bodes well for Obama in today's primary, according to the folks at Politico, who bring us five things to watch for in the Beaver State:
  1. How quick will it be called?—Oregon is three hours behind the eastern seaboard, but the
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Dems Put Away Knives for Primaries

Waters calm ahead of primaries

(Newser) - There’s an eerie calm over the Democratic battlefield ahead of tonight’s primaries in Oregon and Kentucky, as the candidates have reached a tentative détente. Clinton doesn’t want to be seen as hurting Obama’s chances in November, so she’s softened her tone considerably. But it’... More »

Oregon Demographics Typify Dem Divide

Can Obama reach blue collars? Can Clinton get past them?

(Newser) - Oregon’s primary tomorrow finds the Democratic race at its most typical, with Barack Obama hoping to get a bigger slice of the blue-collar vote and Hillary Clinton trying to break further into the white-collar one. The progressive, urban, western part of the state and the rural east have little... More »

Clinton Narrows Ore. Deficit, Holds Ky. Lead

Disparity in views of Obama from state to state vary wildly

(Newser) - On the eve of Democratic primaries in Oregon and Kentucky, polls show some movement in support for the candidates, the Boston Globe reports:
  • Barack Obama once held a double-digit lead in Oregon, but two surveys today put him up only 4 points (45%-41%) and 5 points (50%-45%).
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Obama Rallies 75K in Portland

Decemberists play, but candidate is big draw

(Newser) - Barack Obama drew an estimated 75,000 people to the Portland waterfront yesterday, in the largest political rally Oregon has ever seen. The gates were filled to capacity at 60,000, another 12,000 crowded outside the gates, and some even gathered on boats in the Willamette River and on... More »

Is Obama Playing It Too Safe? Is Clinton Really Finished?

Where Barack's missing out and what Hillary needs to do

(Newser) - John Edwards’ endorsement may have helped Obama turn the page on recent troubles, but pundits say he should face up to them—or he leaves an opening for Hillary to climb back in:
  • Sure, it was a “rational, prudent decision” to skip West Virginia, David Broder allows, but it
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Clinton Camp May Need Another Loan

As donations flag, strapped campaign must cut spending

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's loss of momentum is taking a tangible toll on her ability to raise—and spend—money, leaving her campaign even more strapped for cash at a time she needs to pull out all the stops, the New York Times reports. Advisers say that Clinton is prepared to shell... More »

Obama Will Declare Victory on May 20

That's the day he'll have a majority of pledged delegates

(Newser) - Barack Obama plans to lay claim to his party’s nomination on May 20, the day that votes in Kentucky and Oregon will net him a majority of pledged delegates, a top aide tells Politico, setting up what David Paul Kuhn calls “a train wreck waiting to happen.”... More »

Dems' (Next) Last Stop: Oregon

With highest delegate count remaining, May 20 primary sure to attract attention aplenty

(Newser) - Oregon’s primary, usually a non-event, is shaping up to get an unusual amount of attention this time around, the Oregonian reports. The state has 52 delegates at stake—huge among remaining contests—and is likely to be crucial for the Democrats in the fall as well. Says a state... More »

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