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Bernie Could Nab 'Yuge' Win in W. Virginia

Polls point to 'yes'—but FiveThirtyEight says it still won't significantly help his delegate count

(Newser) - Bernie Sanders has doggedly remained in the race for the Democratic nomination, and Tuesday's primary in West Virginia seems likely to offer him some validation. Writing at FiveThirtyEight, Harry Enten argues that the Vermont senator is "likely to win" against Hillary Clinton in the Mountain State, citing two... More »

WVa Senate Candidate: I Was Beaten in Political Attack

Suspect arrested in assault on Democrat Richard Ojeda

(Newser) - Politics can be rough stuff, but for one West Virginia Senate candidate it got downright violent. Authorities say retired Army officer Richard Ojeda, a Democrat running in Tuesday's primary, was brutally beaten by a man wearing brass knuckles at a political cookout on Sunday, the AP reports. Per the... More »

W.Va. Dem Primary: Obama 60%, Felon 40%

Texas jailbird Keith Judd comes close in coal country

(Newser) - A felon serving time in a Texas prison has managed to give President Obama a run for his money in West Virginia's Democratic primary. Keith Judd, who is serving a federal sentence for extortion, took 40% of the vote to Obama's 60%, the highest result of any Democratic... More »

W.Va. Gov, Businessman Will Square Off for Byrd's Seat

Joe Manchin, John Raese score decisive primary victories

(Newser) - Popular West Virginia governor Joe Manchin won the Democratic primary yesterday and will square off against successful and deep-pocketed businessman John Raese in the election to fill the Senate seat long held by the late Robert Byrd. As the AP reports, Raese beat out a crowded field of GOP candidates... More »

14-Term Democrat Ousted in W.Va Primary

Alan Mollohan becomes first House incumbent rejected

(Newser) - Long-serving West Virginia Democrat Alan Mollohan has become the first House incumbent to be ousted in this year's primaries. The 14-term congressman lost heavily to challenger Mike Oliviero, who ran a campaign attacking Mollohan's ethics, the AP reports. Oliviero, who won the support of conservative media, repeatedly called his rival... More »

GOP Lawmakers Holding Out on McCain

At least 14 say they won't endorse candidate

(Newser) - At least 14 GOP lawmakers are refusing to publicly support John McCain’s White House bid, and more than a dozen more are keeping mum about whether they back the senator, the Hill reports. A few say they are supporting their party’s candidate without going so far as endorsing... More »

Robert Byrd Endorses Obama

West Va. senator and former KKK member, 90, wants end to Iraq war

(Newser) - West Virginia's Robert Byrd, the longest-serving senator ever and a former Ku Klux Klansman, today endorsed Barack Obama, calling him “a noble-hearted patriot and humble Christian.” The 90-year-old, who's fourth in line for the presidency, threw his support behind Obama one week after his state voted for Hillary... More »

Is Obama Playing It Too Safe? Is Clinton Really Finished?

Where Barack's missing out and what Hillary needs to do

(Newser) - John Edwards’ endorsement may have helped Obama turn the page on recent troubles, but pundits say he should face up to them—or he leaves an opening for Hillary to climb back in:
  • Sure, it was a “rational, prudent decision” to skip West Virginia, David Broder allows, but it
... More »

Win Can't Change Media's Mind

Clinton's crowing over W. Va. falls in deaf ears among punditry

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton can crow all she wants about West Virginia, but the media won't hear. “This may be the first time in election history,” Roger Simon writes on Politico, “in which the press has withdrawn from a race before the candidate.” Barack Obama was off campaigning... More »

Dowd to Obama: Don't Blow Off W. Va. Loss

Gotta fight for these voters before bias is 'set in concrete'

(Newser) - Barack Obama may have the nomination all but wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean his electoral problems are over, Maureen Dowd writes in the New York Times—and feigning indifference that the Mountain State gave him a raspberry last night isn't a winning strategy. If Obama wants to capture... More »

Does W. Va. Blowout Really Hurt Obama?

It's all about whether he can woo those pesky blue-collar white voters

(Newser) - Barack Obama's West Virginia loss by a whopping 30 points probably won’t cost him the Democratic nomination, writes John Dickerson in Slate. But the loss does put a chink in Obama’s argument that he can unite disparate groups, since, apparently, these powers have failed him among at least... More »

'I'm More Determined Than Ever'

Clinton insists she's the stronger candidate after win in West Virginia

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton said tonight she is "more determined than ever" to continue her campaign for the White House after what she termed an "overwhelming" victory in West Virginia, NBC reports. "I believe I'm the strongest candidate," she told supporters in Charleston after romping in nearly all-white... More »

Exit Polls Show Big Divisions Among Democrats

Clinton supporters are just as likely to vote for McCain as Obama

(Newser) - Early exit polls in West Virginia suggest that Democrats have much healing to do when the primary season ends, CNN reports. Only 25% of Hillary Clinton supporters said they would be satisfied if Barack Obama won the nomination, and only 38% of Obama supporters said they'd be satisfied with Clinton... More »

Clinton Wins Big in W. Virginia

She wins by a wide margin, hoping to slow Obama's momentum

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton won a decisive—and expected—victory tonight in West Virginia, the Charleston Gazette reports. With 95% of returns in, Clinton led 67% to 26%, and her camp hopes a big margin of victory will raise new doubts in superdelegates' minds about Barack Obama's ability to win over white... More »

What to Watch Out for Tonight in W. Va.

Clinton, running on fumes, needs heavy turnout, wide victory margin

(Newser) - Some analysts see today’s West Virginia primary as a final chance for Hillary Clinton to raise questions about Barack Obama’s weaknesses. Here’s what to watch, via Kenneth Vogel on Politico:
  • How will Mason County go? The 30,000-strong district has been a remarkably reliable indicator of statewide
... More »

Clintonites Soldier On in W. Va.

With 20-point lead, Clinton stumps heavily in Mountain State

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton and her supporters are canvassing heavily in West Virginia despite a 20-point lead and little competition, the Baltimore Sun reports. “We are all pretty inspired,” said one Clintonite on the eve of the state's primary. But Clinton and her family were the only politicos stumping across... More »

Clinton Camp May Need Another Loan

As donations flag, strapped campaign must cut spending

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton's loss of momentum is taking a tangible toll on her ability to raise—and spend—money, leaving her campaign even more strapped for cash at a time she needs to pull out all the stops, the New York Times reports. Advisers say that Clinton is prepared to shell... More »

Booed by Voters, Clinton Plows Ahead

Candidate endures heckling at West Virginia speech

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton had on her game face in West Virginia yesterday, but the crowd at the hastily arranged rally wasn't helping her keep her faltering campaign alive amid a torrent of talk that it's time for her to drop out. The crowd booed her proposal for a gas tax holiday,... More »

Clinton: Staying In 'Until There's a Nominee'

Obama, meanwhile, picks up 4 more superdelegates

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton pledged today to fight on despite yesterday's disappointing primary results; she “refused … to withdraw,” the AP reports, despite tough questioning at a news conference. Clinton said she wasn’t going anywhere “until there’s a nominee,” even if it means waiting for Democratic... More »

McGovern Flips to Obama, Urges Hillary to Drop Out

But camp reveals event on economy, signaling she'll stick around

(Newser) - Top Hillary Clinton backer and former Democratic nominee George McGovern is switching his endorsement to Barack Obama—and urging Hillary to step aside, the AP reports. McGovern said it was now all but impossible for Clinton to prevail; the party’s choice in 1972, he said he would call Bill... More »

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