Chicago Midway Airport

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Airline Cancels 220 Flights After Running Low on De-Icer

Southwest axed all flights from Chicago airport

(Newser) - Thousands of travelers booked on Southwest Airlines flights out of Chicago's Midway Airport had to change their plans after the airline found out that it didn't have enough de-icing fluid—for the second time this winter. An airline spokesperson said Southwest had "actively worked to manage" its... More »

Planes on Collision Course Avoid Near Disaster

Chicago Midway Airport controller cries out desperate warning

(Newser) - Two commercial planes flirted with disaster tonight after beginning their takeoffs on intersecting runways at Chicago Midway International Airport, the Chicago Tribune reports. "Stop, stop, stop, stop!" an air controller can be heard shouting on a recording of the incident posted at . The two pilots—one... More »

Chicago Airport Lines Stretch More Than a Mile

1.8K flights delayed across country

(Newser) - If you're reading this while you wait in line at Chicago's Midway Airport, we wish you the best of luck. Lines at security have reportedly reached more than a mile long today, Gawker reports. According to one tweet : "The line for TSA at Midway airport leaves the... More »

2 Weeks Until Chicago Control Center Reopens: FAA

Officials hope everything's up and running by Oct. 13 after sabotage

(Newser) - The Federal Aviation Administration says it will take about two weeks to fully reopen a Chicago-area control center, where an act of sabotage brought the city's two international airports to a halt last week. The FAA said yesterday it hopes to return the facility to full service by Oct.... More »

'Intentional' Fire at FAA Facility Grounds Planes

Man with self-inflicted wounds found at Aurora, Illinois, center

(Newser) - Anyone hoping to fly into or out of Chicago could be in for a delay today along with numerous others. More than 850 flights have been canceled out of Chicago's O'Hare International and Midway International airports after an employee allegedly set a fire in the basement of a... More »

Chicago Leases Parking Meters for $1.6B

Company wants a 75-year lease on 36,000 metered parking spaces

(Newser) - Chicago, which in September agreed to lease out Midway Airport for 99 years in exchange for $2.52 billion, has now made a deal to lease 36,000 metered parking spaces to Morgan Stanley for $1.16 billion, reports Bloomberg. The city council will vote tomorrow on the 75-year lease,... More »

Investors Eye Airports, Bridges, Roads

Subprime-weary banks earmark $250B for infrastructure projects

(Newser) - Weary of investments infected by the subprime contagion, investors are looking to purchase and operate some more substantial assets: the nation’s bridges, toll roads, and airports, reports the New York Times. Goldman Sachs, KKR, Morgan Stanley, and Credit Suisse are among those who have stockpiled some $250 billion for... More »

Chicago Transit Explores Groceries in Train Stations

Agency hopes to reap $100M over 5 years with new developments

(Newser) - The Chicago Transit Authority is looking make more money from the real estate it owns, and is investigating installing grocery stores and restaurants inside “L” (elevated train) stations, the Tribune reports—with the agency hoping to generate $100 million over the next 5 years from such commercial development. "... More »

Airport to Sort Travelers Into Fast, Slow Lanes

Signs, borrowed from slopes, aim to let fliers choose most appropriate page

(Newser) - Travelers using Chicago’s Midway Airport are finding a curious new addition to security lines, the Tribune reports—ski-slope-like signs meant to funnel travelers into different lines based on how quickly they're likely to be able to speed through. They're color coded to the “difficulty level” of each option:... More »

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