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Russia Hunting 'Black Widow' Terrorists Targeting Sochi

Wanted posters already up for one woman

(Newser) - Russian authorities believe that as many as four women intend to launch terror attacks targeting the Sochi Olympics, and that one might already be in or near the city, sources tell NBC News . Wanted posters are already up in Sochi for Ruzan Ibragimova, aka Ruzana, a 23-year-old woman described as... More »

'Mass Hysteria' Rules Raucous Missouri Caucuses

Two Ron Paul supporters arrested

(Newser) - It's not a party until something gets broken, and it's not a political party until someone gets arrested. This spring's GOP primary battle is now a party, as GOP leaders and enthusiastic supporters squared off in one of Missouri's largest caucuses yesterday, reports ABC News . At... More »

How Obama Did It: The Delegate Strategy

Delegate-by-delegate fight led to historic upset

(Newser) - Last night was not a triumphant coronation for Barack Obama, whose campaign limped over the finish line in Montana and South Dakota. But the Illinois senator's victory over Hillary Clinton—one of the biggest upsets in US political history, writes the Washington Post—was never about glamorous wins in battleground... More »

No, She Isn’t Winning the Popular Vote

Claim divisive at best, untrue at worst, so let's just call it a tie

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton’s insistence that she’s winning the popular vote not only promotes a meaningless rubric in a delegate contest, but it's also a dangerous claim—and a false one, Jonathan Alter writes in Newsweek. Not only is Clinton trampling on old sore spots (think Al Gore in 2000),... More »

Team Hillary's 5 Big Mistakes

How mood, rules, caucuses, money, and pacing laid her campaign low

(Newser) - With the Clinton campaign in death throes, Karen Tumulty runs down its five crucial  mistakes in Time:
  • Mood. In a season when Democrats were desperate for change, Hillary “completely misread the mood” and went with incumbency.
  • Rules. Clinton's inner circle wasn't up on them. Mark Penn thought California's primary
... More »

5 Stories