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NZ on Boston U Crash: We Tell Students Not to Drive

Officials will step up warnings for international students

(Newser) - Three Boston University students studying in New Zealand were killed on Saturday when the minivan they were driving in careened off a road and crashed. Officials of the New Zealand university hosting the Boston visitors said they strongly discourage such students from driving because of their unfamiliarity with driving along... More »

Cops Hunt for Missing 'Erratic' Mom, Son

She's spotted falling in parking lot, asking for directions

(Newser) - Washington cops continue to hunt for a young "erratic" mom and her 8-year-old son after her minivan was found half-submerged off a Puget Sound road. Backsliding alcoholic Shantina Smiley, 29, was spotted falling in an Olympia parking lot and asking strangers for directions before heading off the opposite way... More »

GM's $5K Minivan Is a Smash in China

...but with the power of a 'pumpkin on wheels,' it's likely staying there

(Newser) - General Motors has a major overseas hit in its Wuling Sunshine, a $5,000 minivan that gets more than 40 miles to the gallon. It sold 590,000 of them in China last year, but don't be too quick to complain that its foreign-only status is totally unfair: The Sunshine's... More »

Ford Unveils Minivan Lite

7-passenger 'people mover' on its way

(Newser) - Ford has announced its reentry into the please-don't-call-it-a-minivan category, USA Today reports. The carmaker has been out of the minivan business since 2007, and it plans to stay that way—at least in name—with the Grand C-Max, scheduled to be on US roads in two years. Built on a... More »

NYC Cops Keep Ticketing Van With Corpse Inside

(Newser) - A New York man’s decomposed body was found yesterday in a minivan peppered with parking tickets issued by officers who apparently didn’t notice the corpse, the Daily News reports. “The window was cracked open,” said the daughter of George Morales. “I don't understand how no... More »

Chrysler Goes Electric

Firm to offer hybrid and pure-electric models in 2010

(Newser) - Chrysler is hopping on Detroit's belated eco-friendly bandwagon, a source tells the Wall Street Journal, with a full stable of electric cars and trucks that it plans to market starting in late 2010. While most of the planned models are hybrids, at least one will be a fully electric car... More »

Buy Our Minivan, Give Your College Fund a Boost: VW

$1,500 incentive offered with purchase of Routan model

(Newser) - Volkswagen is offering an innovative incentive to parents to buy their Chrysler-built Routan minivan: $1,500 in a college savings plan, Left Lane News reports. The partnership with Upromise might pale to those with more pressing concerns (or who hate planning ahead), though: Chrysler itself is offering a credit card... More »

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