Morris Talansky

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The Long Island Rabbi Who Toppled Olmert

Close friend or just another donor, Talansky was key player in Israeli PM's downfall

(Newser) - Morris Talansky counted Ehud Olmet as a true friend, and he says his devotion was returned. The nature of the longstanding relationship between the Long Island rabbi and the Israeli prime minister varies according to who’s describing it, Steve Fishman writes in New York. But what everyone agrees on... More »

Barak Calls for Olmert to Quit

Threatens to leave gov't coalition; US businessman says he gave PM wads of cash

(Newser) - Israel's defense minister told Ehud Olmert to take a leave of absence or step down while he battles corruption charges, reports the BBC, and threatened to leave the country's governing coalition if he refused. "The prime minister needs to disconnect himself from the day-to-day management of the government,"... More »

I Took Cash, No Bribes: Olmert

Vows to resign if indicted

(Newser) - Ehud Olmert resisted calls for his resignation today, after admitting on national TV last night that he accepted contributions from a New York businessman—but denying that any of it was a bribe. Olmert, under criminal investigation for allegedly taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from Long Island millionaire Morris... More »

3 Stories