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Zuckerberg's Facebook Page Is the Work of a Dozen

Facebook employees are tasked with maintaining his page and image

(Newser) - The Facebook page of CEO Mark Zuckerberg doesn't just happen. It's a polished, carefully crafted, highly controlled work, attended to by more than a dozen Facebook employees who include professional photographers and editors who help write posts and remove harassing comments and spam. Of course, image managers are... More »

How BP Can Rehab Its Image

Start by firing somebody, finish by not being 'BP' anymore

(Newser) - In the space of a few short months, BP's name has gone from evoking cheery green gas stations to conjuring up images of an oozing black mess. After the company gets the Gulf cleaned up, writes USA Today, it's time to get their image cleaned up. A to-do list:
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5 Things Obama Has Done Right (or Better Than You Thought)

...and 5 failures bigger than you realize

(Newser) - Obama clearly ran a successful campaign—but what kind of a job did he do running the country in his first year at the helm? While the president "has not been overmatched, he has not yet mastered the role either," Mark Halperin writes in Time . Some things he's... More »

Sarkozy Buses In Short People to Look Taller

Height-challenged plant workers were chosen to stand behind French prez

(Newser) - French President Nicolas Sarkozy looked particularly imposing during a televised speech last week—because he bused in specially vetted very short people to stand behind him, reports the Telegraph. The speech was held at a Faurecia motor technology plant in southern France. TV cameras caught buses bringing in 20 workers... More »

Palin Can Write Her Own Ticket—If She Wants To

Crafting her future image is a big job

(Newser) - Private citizen Sarah Palin has a lengthy to-do list, and Job No. 1 is shaping her public image as she closes the book on a topsy-turvy year, writes Dan Balz in the Washington Post. “Palin Year One was the introduction of a persona, and the construction (and destruction) of... More »

How Vick Can Get Back to NFL

Must show 'remorse' without moves looking 'choreographed'

(Newser) - Can Michael Vick overcome his dismal image and play again in the NFL? His high school coach thinks so—but it will require a serious, sustained effort from the quarterback convicted on dog-fighting charges, USA Today reports. “From a reputation standpoint,” says a crisis-management expert, “being inhumane... More »

Allen, American Apparel Settle Suit for $5M

Filmmaker had sued over the use of his image in advertising

(Newser) - American Apparel has agreed to settle Woody Allen’s lawsuit for $5 million, a spokeswoman for the filmmaker said. Allen appeared today at a Manhattan courthouse, where he had sued the Los Angeles-based clothing manufacturer over its advertising last year for $10 million. He claimed the company did not have... More »

How LiLo Can Save Her Career

Starlet should take advice from Angie, Drew

(Newser) - It’s hard to imagine Lindsay Lohan as the next Julia Roberts, but that once seemed to be her destiny. After the DUIs, rehab, bad movies, and drama-ridden relationships, can she ever stage a comeback? The New York Daily News asked the experts for advice:
  • “Get involved in charitable
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Popular Michelle Plays Up Domestic Side—For Now

First lady's popularity surges after carefully crafted media campaign

(Newser) - Michelle Obama has become the most popular incoming first lady since Nancy Reagan after some determined image-building, the New York Times reports. The first lady has carefully shaped her public image through a series of interviews that focus on her domestic side. Some admirers, however, complain that the country isn't... More »

You're Not Hollywood, A-Rod; Just Be Human

(Newser) - Alex Rodriguez’s troubles have less to do with what he’s done than who he is, Michael Rosenberg writes for Fox Sports. “We all know he is desperate to be liked,” Rosenberg writes. “And yet, everything he does to be liked makes people hate him.”... More »

Brown-Rihanna Deal in Works for Book, Tour

Singer may co-author book on raising abuse awareness

(Newser) - As Chris Brown's management team scrambles to rebuild his badly bruised image, the effort—dubbed "Operation Mea Culpa"—will see Brown and Rihanna co-authoring a book about abuse and appearing on talk shows together to raise awareness about abusive relationships, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.''The only way Chris... More »

How to Get His Groove Back

Public relations experts weigh in on how the former president can unsully his image

(Newser) - After a nasty campaign, Bill Clinton has a serious image problem. But if he moves quickly, he can escape any long-term damage, reports Politico, which surveys experts in the field for advice on his behalf. “He needs to put this story behind him by Labor Day,” said one,... More »

Oil Lobby Pumps Cash Into Image Campaign

Industry fights back as rising gas prices damage its rep

(Newser) - As gas prices skyrocket—and oil company profits soar along with them—the chief US oil lobby has launched a massive campaign to improve its public image, the Washington Post reports. The American Petroleum Institute is spending millions on newspaper ads, a traveling museum, and tours for bloggers, to counter... More »

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