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Smart Seals Figure Out Bonus of Wind Farms

They're essentially 'grocery stores' in a changing ocean ecology

(Newser) - Massive offshore wind farms like Sheringham Shoal in England appear to be doing more than converting wind energy. The turbines also serve as artificial reefs, which become rich hunting grounds for seals in the area, according to a report in PhysOrg . Using GPS devices affixed to the backs of 200... More »

New Anti-Hurricane Weapon: Wind Turbines?

Giant wind farm could have reduced Katrina's power: study

(Newser) - A Stanford University professor is proposing what USA Today calls a "groundbreaking" anti-hurricane plan: We could use offshore wind turbines to reduce the storms' power—even a storm like Katrina. For that, we'd need a lot of them, though, according to Mark Jacobson: something along the lines of... More »

New Wind Turbine Makes Drinking Water

Inventor Marc Parent seeks solution to world water shortage

(Newser) - A French inventor may have an answer for the millions of people who scramble to find fresh drinking water each day: a wind turbine that literally pulls H2O from the air. Marc Parent, head of Eoie Water, designed the turbine while living in the Caribbean and enduring water shortages. His... More »

Wind Turbines' Big Threat: Wind

Specifically, hurricanes along the coast

(Newser) - Advocates of green energy will be happy to know that the Energy Department wants the nation to get 20% of electricity from the wind by 2030. A good chunk of that power is slated to come from offshore turbines, notes New Scientist , and therein lies a problem. Researchers at Carnegie... More »

Cape Wind: All Ready to Build, No Buyers

Utilities turn noses up at half project's potential power

(Newser) - After years of review, lawsuits, and opposition, Massachussetts' Cape Wind is still, well, twisting in the wind: Even though it scored its first contract last month, half its power is still up for grabs with no buyers in sight. The controversial offshore wind farm, fiercely opposed by everyone from fishermen... More »

Wind Could Provide All US Power: Feds

Interior Dept. study sees offshore turbines generating energy

(Newser) - Offshore winds are a largely untapped resource that could potentially supply the US with even more electricity than it currently needs, according to a new Interior  Department report. The report says the area off the Atlantic coast could meet more than one-fourth of the national power demand, but the fact... More »

Plans for Clean Energy Get Dirty in Transmission

Firms use green hype to build power lines that could carry electricity from coal

(Newser) - Plans to green the US power supply are in full swing, with the Obama administration working toward the goal of doubling the current supply of alternative energy over the next 3 years. But, some complain, power companies are using the popularity of green power to push through a needless—but... More »

Winds of Change Could Power Energy Shift

US gets only 1% of power from wind, but that could soon change

(Newser) - Wind turbines only provide 1% of power in the US, but advances by other nations might there's a push to up that number after the advances made by other nations. When storms pound Spain, wind-driven power provides up to a quarter of the nation's supply, driving down the cost of... More »

New Power Source Catches a Wave: Ocean Tides

(Newser) - In the search for renewable energy, Europe and the US are turning to one of the earth’s most abundant resources—the tides, Bloomberg reports. Technology developed three decades ago to turn tidal energy into electricity in developing countries is finally finding traction in the West. The largest grid-connected turbine,... More »

Wind Power Finds Its Sea Legs

Turbines that can float in deeper waters would mean more power, and revenue

(Newser) - An answer to the world's energy crisis might be a breeze, the Economist reports—specifically, a breeze offshore. With wind blowing twice as fast offshore than on, engineers have been racing to develop technology to "float" wind turbines far out in the ocean—where they won't ruin coveted views... More »

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