Election 2004

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Bush Considered Dumping Cheney in '04

President 'wanted to show who was in charge,' he writes in 'Decision Points'

(Newser) - George Bush seriously considered ditching Dick Cheney for the 2004 election, he writes in his memoir, Decision Points. Cheney offered to step aside and Bush—seeking "to demonstrate I was in charge"—explored the possibility of replacing him with Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist before deciding to ask... More »

Bush Campaign Manager, Ex-RNC Chair Comes Out

Ken Mehlman: I'm now 'a happier person'

(Newser) - The manager of George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign, who later served as chairman of the RNC, is gay. "It's taken me 43 years to get comfortable with this part of my life," Mehlman tells Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic . "I wish I was where I am... More »

John Kerry in Hot Water Over Taxes on $7M Yacht

Senator berths luxury boat in Rhode Island, not Massachusetts

(Newser) - John Kerry says there's "nothing more to say about" the PR disaster surrounding his decision to save $500,000 in taxes by keeping his new $7 million yacht in Rhode Island rather than cash-strapped Massachusetts—but taxpayers in the senator's home state think otherwise. "Do as I say,... More »

Palin Pick Parrots Obama

Congressional hopeful rips off 2004 DNC speech

(Newser) - A congressional candidate from Idaho has the backing of Sarah Palin but a taste for the rhetoric of Barack Obama. A fellow Idaho Republican—not even an opponent, but a candidate for state senate—has released an attack ad contrasting Vaughn Ward's announcement of his candidacy with then-state senator Obama's... More »

Democrats Lead the Way in Voter Registration

Obama's 2008 effort gives party an edge in 2010 Senate races

(Newser) - Senate Democrats have a silver lining heading into the 2010 election: their party’s made huge gains in voter registration. The last time this crop of senators was on the ballot was 2004, when George W. Bush’s field operation, then the most sophisticated ever, was registering hordes of Republicans.... More »

Obama Speech Takes on Defensive Edge

Favorite phrase—'Let me be clear'—now signals grim determination

(Newser) - One of President Obama's longest-running, most-used rhetorical standbys is the earnest phrase "let me be clear." It cropped up in his national debut speech at the 2004 convention, was deployed throughout the campaign, and continues. But let me be clear—Obama's use of the phrase has changed. During... More »

Lieberman Bitter About '04, Taking It Out on Us

Failed candidate syndrome could explain health care hijacking

(Newser) - Nobody seems sure just what is with Joe Lieberman but theories abound on how he turned from a liberal into a health care reform hijacker, writes Gail Collins. He may still be sour about not winning the 2004 presidential race—when he was also "bitten by either a rabid... More »

McAuliffe Denies DNC Offered Money to Nader

Spokesman slams Nader's claim he was bribed to avoid key states in '04

(Newser) - Ralph Nader's claim that then-DNC chairman Terry McAuliffe offered him cash to stay out of key state races in 2004 is far from the truth, McAuliffe campaign strategist Mo Elleithee tells the Blue Virginia blog. McAuliffe did speak to Nader—who Elleithee claims was being funded by the GOP—to... More »

A Convention Outsider Moves to Center Stage

In '00 Obama couldn't get a seat; in '04 he wowed the crowd

(Newser) - Barack Obama arrives in Denver today one election away from the presidency—a far cry from the 2000 convention, when he couldn't even get a seat on the floor. As Al Gore received the Democrats' nomination in Los Angeles, the state senator barely had enough money to rent a car.... More »

What Early July Says About Early November

Independence Day poll numbers send mixed signals for 2008 race

(Newser) - Barack Obama currently leads John McCain 47% to 43%, but does that mean anything this early? Yes and no. Early July Gallup polls have correctly predicted the eventual popular vote winner in 10 of the last 15 elections, but they missed the mark in four of the last five. Politico... More »

Gay Marriage May Yet Emerge as November Wedge

Muted reactions thus far obscure truths

(Newser) - Despite the relatively muted national reaction to California’s approval of gay marriage, same-sex unions still matter to Americans and may yet become a wedge issue in November on par with their decisive role in 2004, Politico reports. Last time around, the controversy grew slowly after Massachusetts' legalization in 2003.... More »

Feds Probe Al for $1.5M in Back Taxes

Sharpton dismissed move as a 'try to intimidate us'

(Newser) - Washington is investigating Al Sharpton and his companies for nearly $1.5 million in back taxes and penalties, the AP reports. Sharpton, who has been negotiating the size of his federal debt, brushed off the government's latest move today. “Whatever retaliation they do on me, we never stop,"... More »

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