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Ala. Prof Shoved 'Shotgun in My Chest' in 1986

After killing her brother, Amy Bishop tried to carjack auto dealership

(Newser) - After killing her brother in 1986, alleged University of Alabama shooter Amy Bishop stormed a Massachusetts car dealership with a shotgun and demanded a getaway car. That’s the story of Tom Pettigrew, who was one of the employees. “I’m thinking it’s a BB gun,” he... More »

Toyota Gas Pedal Repairs Will Start This Week

Initial cost will top $250M; automaker hit with 2 lawsuits

(Newser) - Toyota will start fixing the accelerators on 2.4 million recalled vehicles in the US this week, and production will resume next Monday. Some dealerships say they will stay open around the clock to perform the first round of repairs, which are expected to cost the company $250 million. Meanwhile,... More »

House Votes to Block Dealership Closings

(Newser) - A spending bill passed by the House last night includes a provision to reopen hundreds of Chrysler dealerships and prevent the closing of over 2,000 more planned by GM, the Detroit News reports. The measure, opposed by the White House, will force the automakers to give dealers targeted for... More »

As Dealers Dwindle, Car Prices Set to Balloon

Lack of competition expected to drive up GM, Chrysler's prices

(Newser) - The shake-up of America's auto industry will mean fewer auto dealers but the streamlining won't be making the cars any cheaper, experts tell the Boston Globe. Chrysler and General Motors are likely to turn to the Japanese model of fewer brands and fewer dealers when they emerge from bankruptcy, and... More »

GM to Close 1,100 Dealerships

(Newser) - GM has sent termination notices to 1,100 of its 6,000 US dealerships as part of its plan to eventually shutter 42% of its retail network, CNN reports. The dealers have been notified that their contracts won't be extended next October, and some will shutter this year, a GM... More »

Minority Car Dealers Stand to Lose Big in Closures

(Newser) - African-American and Latino car dealers will likely take a big hit in the dealership closures announced by Chrysler and planned at GM, the Wall Street Journal reports. The minority dealerships, located mainly in urban areas, have faced stiff competition as business has moved increasingly to suburbia. “We're more vulnerable,... More »

When a Wealthy Jock Needs a Ride...

Macky Dancy has a Rolls or Lamborghini, even for a Mets pitcher

(Newser) - Macky Dancy has a deal for you, if you're a millionaire athlete with $200,000 to drop on an upscale ride, the New York Times reports. The 31-year-old salesman, based on Long Island, has delivered Rolls Royces and Lamborghinis to athletes like Allen Iverson and Zab Judah—yet admits he's... More »

Mercury Line May Hit the Scrap Heap

Sales have slipped from half a million annually to 168K last year

(Newser) - Once a four-wheeled icon of cool, Ford's Mercury brand is steadily losing traction and may soon be parked for good, the Los Angeles Times reports. Ford has not yet announced a plan to scrap the line, but one key stockholder is urging the company to let it go.  "... More »

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