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Unlikely Item Helped Kidnap Victim Escape Trunk

Quick thinking, light of insulin pump gave Brittany Diggs the chance to escape

(Newser) - The Alabama nursing student whose brave kidnapping escape was caught on a gas station's surveillance video last week revealed that her insulin pump played a role in her getaway. In an exclusive interview with the Today show on Monday, Brittany Diggs, 25, said the faint light of her insulin... More »

Watch the Moment a Kidnap Victim Makes Her Big Escape

She popped out of a car trunk at an Alabama gas station

(Newser) - A frightening ordeal for a kidnapped woman came to an end at an Alabama gas station late Tuesday night, and her escape was caught on tape. Sgt. Bryan Shelton says that the 25-year-old was abducted outside her Birmingham apartment around 10:30pm, with the suspect throwing her in the trunk... More »

Tesla Looking to Change Up US Gas Stations

Move could 'redefine the gas station,' Washington Post says

(Newser) - Soon, it could be much easier for electric car drivers to recharge. Tesla is in talks with Sheetz, a chain that operates hundreds of gas stations and convenience stores in six states, about putting Tesla charging stations at Sheetz locations, a Sheetz exec confirms to the Washington Post . The Post ... More »

Don't Shop at Stores With Lights in Windows: Ala. Rep

Because those aren't American-owned, obviously, per Rep. Alan Harper

(Newser) - An Alabama lawmaker is calling on US citizens to show their patriotism this Yuletide season (and, ostensibly, for always)—by frequenting only American-owned convenience stores, gas stations, and tobacco outlets, WALB reports. And GOP state Rep. Alan Harper has an easy way for consumers to tell which stores are true-blue... More »

Woman: Cops Did Forced Cavity Search in Parking Lot

Charnesia Corley says she didn't give consent for vaginal search

(Newser) - A 21-year-old Texas woman with no criminal record has accused Harris County cops of pulling her over for allegedly running a stop sign, claiming they smelled pot, then conducting a body cavity search on her in a gas station parking lot, the Guardian reports. "I feel like they sexually... More »

Cops: Woman Set Car Afire After Being Denied Cigarette

At a gas station

(Newser) - A man who stopped for gas at a Jerusalem gas station yesterday saw his day go downhill in a flash when cops say a woman peeved that he didn't give her a cigarette set his car on fire, per Haaretz . Security footage shows the woman walking up to the... More »

Video Shows Man Setting Wife on Fire

He used lighter to spark gas station explosion: police

(Newser) - A Georgia man is facing criminal charges after shocking surveillance footage surfaced of a gas station explosion. Police say Austin Dawkins sparked a lighter, starting a fire. But the graphic video shows he then pulled the nozzle out of the truck, pointed it as his wife, and pulled the trigger.... More »

Military to Deliver 24M Gallons of Fuel

White House tries to stem crisis with emergency delivery

(Newser) - Facing political peril and a humanitarian crisis, the White House today approved the Defense Department to deliver 24 million gallons of fuel to the region pummeled by Superstorm Sandy, the New York Times reports. The Defense Department plans to coordinate with FEMA to resupply gas stations where lines seem endless... More »

Irate Gas Stations Protest Gouging —By Charging $10 a Gallon

Franchises angry at varying Lukoil prices

(Newser) - More than 50 Lukoil gas station owners in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are fuming over price discrepancies—so they've simply ratcheted their gas up to $9.99 a gallon. They're angry because the Russian firm sells gas to local franchises at very different prices, even if the stations... More »

Economy's Silver Lining: Lower Gas Prices

Falling oil prices make life easier at the pump

(Newser) - One bright spot amid the latest economic news : Gas prices are falling nationwide, and fell below $2.99 at two gas stations yesterday, the AP reports. Not all consumers will be so lucky, but plunging oil prices have lowered pump gas by an average of 30 cents a gallon in... More »

French Protesters Block Airport

Lady Gaga cancels pair of concerts in furor over retirement age

(Newser) - Hundreds of workers barricaded Marseille’s main airport for three hours this morning, furious over today's Senate vote on raising France’s retirement age to 62. Meanwhile, protesters used vehicles to block highways and students blockaded a Paris high school. A quarter of French gas stations are dry amid the... More »

Protesters Descend on BP Stations

Anger at Gulf spill sparks boycotts

(Newser) - Public anger at BP's failure to stop the Gulf leak has spilled over into boycotts and protests at BP gas stations around America and the world. Station managers say protests and boycotts haven't dampened sales. "People don't care," a clerk at one Florida station tells the New York ... More »

Oil Industry Squeezed as US Demand Tanks

(Newser) - Big oil execs, analysts, and government sources say a century-old American tradition is waning: after years of increasing oil consumption, US guzzling has peaked, they believe. Last year, demand plunged 7.1% for gas, diesel, and jet fuel—the biggest drop since 1950, when dependable records began. And major changes... More »

Southeastern Gas Shortage Wreaks Havoc

Lines reach 60 cars after hurricanes disrupt supplies

(Newser) - Gas is in short supply throughout the Southeast this week after oil production was hit hard by hurricanes Gustav and Ike, the Washington Post reports. Some didn’t make it to work as gas station lines grew to 60 cars long; half the stations in Atlanta were closed. “I... More »

Obama Takes Campaign to Gas Pumps

Spot to air at Florida filling stations links McCain to high prices

(Newser) - Barack Obama's campaign will run an energy-themed ad on TVs on Florida gas pumps starting today, the Palm Beach Post reports. The commercial highlights alternative-energy research and tax cuts as parts of Obama's plan to "break the grip of foreign oil," while presenting John McCain as more of... More »

High Prices Pound Gas Stations

Squeezed margins drive many out of business

(Newser) - Angry at gas stations for profiting on your financial misery? Think again, the Wall Street Journal reports: They're fast going out of business as oil prices rise. This year's 40% price hike has sent costs soaring, shuttering 3,000 US stations and causing Exxon Mobile to announce the sale of... More »

Gas Rising, Station Owners Barrel Toward Bankruptcy

Fuel hits $4.41 a gallon in Los Angeles, and retailers aren't seeing the profit

(Newser) - Stiff fuel prices are not pouring cash into the pockets of California gas station owners—instead, they're driving them into bankruptcy. Credit card fees, tanker-load costs, and other rapidly increasing expenses are putting the crunch on retailers, reports the Los Angeles Times. More »

As Gas Spikes, Profit Scarce for Station Owners

Oil giants like Exxon hike prices, raise rents, covet every penny

(Newser) - Feeling sorry for gas station owners might be more than the average consumer can muster these days, but, reports the Washington Post, the emotion might not be misguided. Oil giants like Exxon cut owners' profit margins and raise rents, while micromanaging details down to which shelf franchisees place soda on.... More »

Old-School Pumps Can't Register New Gas Prices

Mechanical dials can't register prices over $4

(Newser) - With gas at nearly $4 a gallon, thousands of American gas station owners foresee trouble—because their old-time pumps can't price gas at higher than $3.99. "In small towns, where you don't have the volume, there's no way you can afford to pay for the replacements for these... More »

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