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Polygamy Still Illegal in Utah

US Supreme Court declines to hear arguments from 'Sister Wives' family

(Newser) - Polygamy is still illegal in Utah, as the US Supreme Court has declined to hear arguments against the lower court ruling that kept it so. Kody Brown and his four wives—the stars of TLC's Sister Wives—have for years been seeking to remove the penalties for polygamy in... More »

Polygamist Fugitive May Have Been 'Raptured': Attorney

Lyle Jeffs' attorney appears (we hope) to be joking with latest theory on disappearance

(Newser) - Lyle Jeffs' lawyer really wishes she could consult with him regarding a food stamp fraud trial involving 11 members of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Fox 13 reports. But the polygamist leader of the FLDS, who the New York Daily News notes had been under house... More »

Oops: Did Warren Jeffs Preach From Prison?

If so, the polygamist leader broke the rules

(Newser) - Polygamist leader Warren Jeffs may still be preaching to his sect—over the phone. "We have confirmed that Jeffs made two phone calls on Christmas Day to a relative," a Texas official tells the Los Angeles Times . "At this point, we're investigating whether he may have... More »

Polygamist Warren Jeffs Hospitalized

Convicted rapist not eating, drinking in Texas prison

(Newser) - Convicted rapist and polygamist leader Warren Jeffs was sent to a Texas hospital last night after refusing to eat or drink enough in prison, the AP reports. Facing a life behind bars without parole until he is at least 100 years old, 55-year-old Jeffs "hasn't been feeling well,... More »

FLDS Erecting Giant Statue of Jeffs

Colossal metal prophet to tower over FLDS compound

(Newser) - With their leader locked up until after his 100th birthday, his devoted followers in the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints are turning to the next best thing: A 38-foot-tall statue of Warren Jeffs. Members of the polygamist sect are secretly assembling a colossal metal statue of Jeffs which will... More »

Warren Jeffs Fathered Child With 15-Year-Old: Expert

DNA makes forensic expert '99.99%' certain polygamist is the father

(Newser) - Warren Jeffs sure could use a good defense attorney right about now. A DNA expert testified today that there's a 99.99% chance that the embattled polygamist leader fathered a child with a 15-year-old girl, reports the AP . Jeffs, the leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of... More »

Facebook Wedding Pics Bring Down Polygamist

Wife was confused when her husband defriended her

(Newser) - Facebook is emerging as the bane of criminals ( see here ), and the latest feather in the social network's cap involves a not-so-stealthy case of possible polygamy. A Michigan man was charged with polygamy after his Rhode Island wife found Facebook photos of his wedding to another woman, Michigan... More »

Sister Wives Hubby 'Marries' Wife No. 4

Will this spell more legal drama for Kody Brown?

(Newser) - Despite the fact that he’s already being investigated for felony bigamy, polygamist Kody Brown of TLC’s Sister Wives has officially added a fourth wife to his family. Brown “married” Robyn Sullivan a few months ago, sources tell TMZ , and though there were no cameras at the actual... More »

Polygamist Leaves 100 Widows

Kenya's most prominent polygamist mourned by many, many, many

(Newser) - Kenya's most famous polygamist has died, leaving behind enough grieving widows and children to fill a jumbo jet. "Danger" Akuku, believed to have been in his late 90s, married his first wife in 1939 and well over 100 more in the six decades to follow. He fathered around 200... More »

Polygamy Reality Show Hits TLC

13 kids (and 3 wives) and counting...

(Newser) - It was only a matter of time before TLC, home to the Duggars and their 19 kids and, of course, Jon and Kate and their eight , got itself a polygamist family. Sister Wives, premiering next month, follows Utah polygamist Kody, his three wives, their 13 children…and the fourth wife... More »

Don't Worry: Texas Will Get Warren Jeffs

State has a much stronger track record convicting polygamists

(Newser) - The Utah Supreme Court stunned prosecutors when it tossed out the only successful conviction against Warren Jeffs, the leader of the polygamist FLDS church. The ruling will make it extremely difficult to retry Jeffs in Utah, where the laws already make the prosecution of child-marriage cases difficult, Time reports. But... More »

Warren Jeffs Gets New Trial in Rape Case

Jury in polygamist leader's trial got bad instructions: court

(Newser) - Polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs, who has been serving 10 years to life for being an accessory to rape , was granted a new trial today, the Deseret News reports. The Utah Supreme Court ruled unanimously that the jury instructions delivered during Jeffs' 2007 trial were faulty. "We regret the... More »

Arizona Drops Case Against Polygamist Leader

Texas now seeking to extradite Warren Jeffs

(Newser) - Arizona has dismissed charges against Warren Jeffs, saying the polygamist sect leader has already spent more time in prison awaiting trial than he would have done if convicted. Jeffs had been charged as an accomplice to the rape of a minor for allegedly arranging marriages involving underage girls. The move... More »

Israeli With Huge Harem Accused of Rape, Incest

Reports say he has 32 wives, 89 children

(Newser) - Israeli police have arrested polygamist cult leader Goel Ratzon on suspicion of enslavement, rape, and incest. They’ve also detained 17 of his “wives” and 37 of his children for questioning; police say some of the children are also his grandchildren. According to some reports, Ratzon has a total... More »

Indonesia 'Polygamy Club' Boosts Influence

Women's groups seek to have club shut down

(Newser) - A controversial club preaching the benefits of men taking multiple wives is growing fast in Indonesia. Polygamy is legal but tightly controlled in the Muslim nation. Now the "Global Ikhlwan" club aims to make it more mainstream. Members, both male and female, hail the benefits of polygamy and say... More »

Ex-FLDS Member Wants Hard Time for Polygamists

Author: Texas hung Eldorado kids out to dry

(Newser) - Former FLDS member Flora Jessop is “hoping against hope” that the men charged with child abuse at the polygamist compound in Eldorado get harder time than those convicted  in similar crimes elsewhere, she told the Houston Chronicle. “Thirteen days, 45 days, nine months,” says Jessop, rattling off... More »

Polygamy Sect Struggling for Funds to Battle Charges

Church loses funds as it fights legal battles

(Newser) - Members of a cash-strapped Texas polygamous sect plan to argue this week that key evidence against them should be thrown out because it was illegally obtained, the Wall Street Journal reports. Authorities say the diaries, photos, and documents they seized prove that underage marriages took place on the FLDS ranch,... More »

South Africa Asks: Who Will Be First Lady?

Zuma has two wives and a fiancée, but only one can have the title

(Newser) - In a few days Jacob Zuma will become president of South Africa—but who will become the country's first lady is less certain. The African National Congress leader, who has two wives and a fiancée, will be the first avowed polygamist to serve as the country's head of state.... More »

South Africa's Jacob Zuma to Marry 3rd Wife

Wedding bells yet again for polygamous president-to-be

(Newser) - Jacob Zuma, the leader of the African National Congress and presumed next president of South Africa, is preparing to marry for a fifth time, reports the Telegraph. Zuma has never hidden his polygamous status, which is traditional for elite Zulus, and his new bride will be his third simultaneous spouse.... More »

Mom Fights to Keep Child She Let Wed Jeffs at 12

Daughter married Texas sect leader two years ago

(Newser) - A woman who allegedly allowed her 12-year-old daughter to marry polygamist sect leader Warren Jeffs is now battling to stop Texas officials from taking custody of the girl and her younger brother, AP reports. Several of the 10 children of Barbara Jessop, accused of child abuse, have been linked to... More »

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