Wolong Giant Panda Reserve Center

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Pandas Freed to Give Birth in the Wild

Experts will monitor captive-born animals in forest

(Newser) - Four pregnant giant pandas are on the loose in a forest near the reserve where the captive-bred animals normally live, and they'll be allowed to give birth and raise their offspring there, the Xinhua News Agency reports. "We hope the mothers can teach their cubs life skills to help... More »

US-Born Pandas Get Celebrity Welcome in China

After quarantine, Tai Shan and Mei Lan will be split up

(Newser) - China rolled out the red carpet today for pandas Tai Shan and Mei Lan, who arrived in Chengdu after a 15-hour flight from the US. Tai Shan was born at the National Zoo in Washington and Mei Lan at the Atlanta Zoo, but because their parents are Chinese, they had... More »

Chinese Pandas to Head Home After Quake Fixup

Rare animals will return to Sichuan preserve by 2012

(Newser) - Sixty giant pandas displaced after a massive earthquake rocked China last year will head home to their nature preserve, reports Xinhua. China is pouring $55 million into rebuilding the endangered animals' Sichuan Province base that previously housed 63 pandas. One died in the quake, one went missing, and one died... More »

Beijing Bids Adieu to Visiting Pandas

They shift to a Sichuan reserve while their damaged home is rebuilt

(Newser) - Beijing's "Olympic pandas"—which drew 2 million fans during their 10-month stay in the city's zoo—have been returned to Sichuan Province, Xinhua reports. Their original habitat was damaged in last May's earthquake, so the pack of eight will reside in a panda reserve for now. Several will... More »

Quake Pandas Delight Beijing

Olympic bears take up residence in city's zoo

(Newser) - Eight giant pandas shaken by last month's earthquake made their first appearance at the Beijing Zoo yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reports. Huge crowds visited the pandas, who seemed none the worse for wear from the move, planned before the quake to coincide with the Olympics. The zoo expects daily... More »

Quake-Rattled Pandas Get Hugs, Bamboo

Bears recovering with help from keepers

(Newser) - Zookeepers are helping pandas traumatized by the Sichuan earthquake get back to normal with hugs and games, the Guardian reports. Eight young pandas have been sent to Beijing Zoo and 47 more remain at the Wolong reserve, where the deputy chief said the animals' appetites are back to normal, but... More »

Six Pandas Moved From Rattled Reserve

Damaged shelters and little food prompt transfer

(Newser) - Six hungry pandas have been transferred to a new reserve in southwest China in the wake of the region's massive earthquake, AFP reports. Their shelters damaged and food scarce, the giant pandas were moved from the renowned Wolong breeding center; eight others will be sent to Beijing tomorrow ahead of... More »

3 Pandas Missing in Quake

China flying food to more than 80 bears at reserve

(Newser) - Three giant pandas are missing from the famed Wolong panda reserve that was hit by the magnitude 7.9 earthquake last week in China, AFP reports. Emergency supplies of bamboo—the panda's staple—and apples are being flown into the area to help save the endangered animals. More than 80... More »

Quake Carnage Spares Pandas

Disaster may threaten animals' food source

(Newser) - The residents of the panda preserves deep in the earthquake-ravaged area of China are OK, state media reported today. Keepers of the 86 bears at the Wolong facility, in Sichuan province, and the 60-plus animals at the nearby Chengdu center now must worry about infrastructure damage interrupting the pandas' food... More »

9 Stories