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In US Army Vault, 'Heinous' Art Includes a Hitler Bust

Andrew Beaujon explores Nazi art collection at Fort Belvoir

(Newser) - Getting to the 3-foot bust of Adolf Hitler, taken from his mountaintop retreat known as the Eagle's Nest, was a monthslong effort. Even on the day that Andrew Beaujon would set his eyes upon it, he had to pass through a security gate, drive a mile to its host... More »

Giant Hitler Head Pops Up in Polish Garden

This one's made of marble and stands 20 inches high

(Newser) - It was just another day of typical garden work at a Polish museum when a worker's shovel clanked against something hard buried in the ground. The find: a 20-inch-high marble sculpture of the head of one Adolf Hitler, AFP reports. "Somebody made an effort to properly hide it,... More »

Rush Limbaugh Bust: Yours for $15K

Controversial Famous Missourians sculpture for sale to collectors

(Newser) - Cheer up, Limbaugh fans. Sure, your favorite rotund radio host is losing advertisers left and right , but at least he's being inducted into the Hall of Famous Missourians , and you can own a piece of that history. The sculptor producing Limbaugh's bust for the Hall will make an... More »

House Passes Bill... for New Churchill Bust

And Boehner may have cut C-SPAN feed during Dem action

(Newser) - Democrats made a last-minute push to get an up-and-down vote on the Senate’s payroll tax bill this morning, only to have Republicans ignore them—and apparently even cut the C-SPAN feed. As Steny Hoyer called for the vote, speaker pro-tem Michael Fitzpatrick walked away. Hoyer kept yelling, and was... More »

Plains States See Boom, But Await Bust

Strong farming economy highlights nationwide differences

(Newser) - Driven by rising food prices and farmers’ access to loans, the Plains states are a bright economic spot amid the nationwide slump, the Washington Post reports. Farm country was able to avoid the housing bust because it also avoided the boom. And retail space is filling up as consumer spending... More »

Tampa Drug Bust Nets 41 Arrests

Villa Palms apartment complex a base for trafficking

(Newser) - Police surveillance at a Tampa apartment complex resulted in 41 drug-related arrests, more than investigators expected, the Tampa Tribune reports. "I figured it would be four or five people," one deputy remarked. The bust turned up 67.7 grams of crack cocaine, 466.7 grams of marijuana, and... More »

1.5 Tons of Pot Seized in Florida

Biggest bust ever for Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office

(Newser) - Police have seized a record 1.5 tons of marijuana in Florida's Hillsborough County, the St. Petersburg Times reports. The drugs carry an estimated street value of $13 million, making the bust the county's largest to date. Raids on area homes resulted in 62 arrests, and authorities say more will... More »

Oldest Caesar Bust Found in France

Treasure at bottom of river in Arles

(Newser) - The oldest bust of Julius Caesar ever found is among an ancient treasure trove discovered at the bottom of the Rhone river near the southern French town of Arles, which was founded by Caesar in 46 BC. The life-size marble bust depicts Caesar as a balding man with wrinkles, reports... More »

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