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Fetuses to 'Testify' in Ohio Abortion Bill Debate

Abortion rights supporters, however, won't be allowed to speak

(Newser) - A pair of fetuses—one of them nine weeks old, the other 11 weeks—will “testify” today in a committee debate over an Ohio bill that would ban abortions if the fetus has a heartbeat . Faith2Action, the Christian pro-life group coordinating the "appearance," boasts that they’ll... More »

Abortion Activists Mobilize Against Stupak-Pitts

Aim is to kill bill in Senate, or back in House, at any cost

(Newser) - Abortion rights activists are organizing a massive grassroots effort and targeting lawmakers to ensure the hated Stupak-Pitts Amendment never reaches the president’s desk. The coalition of groups is first meeting with senators and organizing a phone drive and petition to keep the House language out of the Senate's bill.... More »

Senate Health Bill Runs Into Abortion Divide

Both sides have vocal opponents, could halt bill without compromise

(Newser) - With a last-second concession barring federal dollars from funding abortions, Nancy Pelosi largely skirted the full brunt of the issue, but Harry Reid may not be so lucky. The Senate majority leader likely won't get the 60 votes he needs without similar language— which a Planned Parenthood VP calls a... More »

O'Reilly to Blame for Abortion Doctor's Murder

And I'll never appear on his show again, says pro-choice advocate

(Newser) - Abortion-rights advocate Mary Alice Carr has made many appearances on The O'Reilly Factor, to the anger of her progressive friends. But in an article for the Washington Post, Carr says she's through with the program—and blames Bill O'Reilly for the murder of Dr. George Tiller. "O'Reilly knew that... More »

Broke Feminist Faces Health Care Battle

Family tragedies have left Michelman with nothing

(Newser) - When Kate Michelman had mounting bills as a pregnant single mother of three in 1969, she lobbied for abortion rights and became one of America's top feminists. Now, treading water financially again, she's girding for a new fight—over health care. Her daughter is paralyzed and her husband has health... More »

VP Picks Lieberman, Hagel: Disasters for Party Bases

Candidates seem certain to pay for aisle-crossing tickets

(Newser) - With talk that John McCain and Barack Obama could pick Joe Lieberman and Chuck Hagel, respectively, to round out their tickets, liberal and conservative stalwarts tell Politico the aisle-crossing VPs would likely wreak havoc with the parties’ bases. While each has broken with his party on Iraq, Lieberman is far... More »

Abortion Activists Split Over Obama Comment

Remarks on late-term exceptions draw ire, support

(Newser) - A brief budge from a purely pro-choice position by Barack Obama last week drew a heavy round of responses from the reproductive-rights crowd, Politico notes. The blowback came after Obama said to a Christian magazine that health exceptions to a late-term abortion ban shouldn’t extend to women merely “... More »

Pro-Choicers Feel Backlash for Backing Obama

Analysts say timing could alienate donors

(Newser) - NARAL’s state affiliates are blasting the abortion-rights group’s decision to back Barack Obama, fearing the move could alienate donors loyal to Hillary Clinton. “It’s created a firestorm,” said the president of the group’s New York branch. “Everyone was mystified.” That includes Obama... More »

NARAL Endorses Obama; Clinton Camp 'Surprised'

Abortion-rights group, long behind Hillary, says it's time to go with the winner

(Newser) - NARAL tapped Barack Obama today, an endorsement that a top Hillary Clinton aide called “surprising.” The abortion-rights group said Obama is the candidate “we believe will secure the Democratic nomination”—and said it hoped to start healing a rift between black voters and white female activists... More »

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