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Officials Find 50K Abandoned Chickens

A&L Poultry apologizes for leaving chickens on farm

(Newser) - An animal rights group is seeking criminal charges after officials discovered nearly 50,000 dying chickens abandoned on an egg farm near Modesto, Calif., MSNBC reports via the Modesto Bee . Most of the birds were euthanized due to illness, but about 2,000 are being treated at sanctuaries and will... More »

Chicago Ducks Foie Gras Ban

Squawking Mayor Daley gets controversial pate back on menu

(Newser) - A Chicago restaurant ban on foie gras pate that animal lovers love to hate has been lifted by city legislators after two years. The ban caused widespread derision among foodies, fury in the restaurant industry—and plaudits from animal rights advocates who wanted to save the force-fed ducks and geese... More »

2 Stories