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Judge Delays Sentencing in MySpace Suicide Case

Plans to review witness testimony

(Newser) - A federal judge in Los Angeles has delayed the sentencing of a Missouri woman for her role in the MySpace hoax directed at a 13-year-old neighbor who ended up committing suicide. US District Judge George Wu today rescheduled Lori Drew's sentencing for July 2. The judge says he wants... More »

Feds Seek 3 Years for 'Cyberbully' in Teen's Suicide

Probation is no deterrent: prosecutors

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors are pushing for the maximum 3-year prison sentence for Lori Drew, whose MySpace trickery drove a 13-year-old to kill herself. “Defendant has become the public face of cyberbullying,” prosecutors wrote. “A probationary sentence might embolden others.” But in a presentencing report, probation officers said... More »

Give MySpace Hoaxer Probation: Lawyer

(Newser) - A Missouri mother involved in a MySpace hoax on a 13-year-old neighbor girl who committed suicide should be placed on probation for 1 year and fined $5,000 for her misdemeanor convictions, probation officials recommended. The recommendation was included in court documents filed yesterday by Lori Drew's attorney, Dean Steward,... More »

MySpace Bully Not Guilty on Key Felony Charge

Drew convicted on lesser charges of using computer without authorization

(Newser) - A federal jury has rejected felony charges against cyberbully Lori Drew, convicting her instead of accessing a computer without authorization, a misdemeanor, the AP reports. The Missouri mom violated MySpace terms by creating a fake teen-boy profile to harass a neighborhood girl, but was found not guilty of using a... More »

MySpace Suicide Case Goes to Jury

Missouri mom accused of bullying neighborhood teen with fake persona

(Newser) - Lori Drew’s fate is in the hands of a California jury as the case of the “MySpace bully” goes into deliberations, Wired reports. After forceful closing arguments yesterday, the jury will decide whether the mother committed computer fraud by creating a false online identity used to bully a... More »

Cyber-Sneak Mom 'Bullied My Baby to Suicide'

Trial opens in nation's first cyber-bullying case

(Newser) - A mother tearfully recalled in a Los Angeles court yesterday how her 13-year-old daughter hanged herself shortly after receiving a hateful online message from a neighbor woman posing as a teenage boy, AP reports. Lori Drew allegedly created a MySpace persona named Josh to first woo then harass Megan Meier,... More »

MySpace Hoaxer Drew Bragged About Deadly Prank

Woman said she was 'playing a joke' on teen who would commit suicide

(Newser) - Missouri mother Lori Drew proudly boasted to her hairdresser and others about her MySpace prank before it led to Megan Meier's suicide, reports the Smoking Gun. Drew “denied any untoward purpose and dismissed concerns over her ‘prank,’” court filings say. But after Meier died, Drew tried... More »

MySpace Bully's Case Sets Risky Course: Experts

Site's obscure contract, which most ignore, is key to the case

(Newser) - A criminal indictment over MySpace bullying that led to a Missouri teen's suicide sets an unusual and perhaps dangerous legal precedent, experts say. Because her activities violated the site’s terms of use, Lori Drew faces charges of computer fraud and abuse related to the death of Megan Meier, Wired... More »

Woman Indicted in MySpace Suicide Case

Under fake persona, she teased girl who then killed herself

(Newser) - A Missouri woman has been indicted in the case of a teenage girl who killed herself after receiving cruel messages on MySpace, the AP reports. The woman, Lori Drew, is charged with pretending to be a teenage boy on the site and having a helper taunt the 13-year-old victim. Drew... More »

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