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Exxon CEO Hops on Suit to Stop ... Fracking Activity

Rex Tillerson wants to keep a water tower out of his backyard

(Newser) - Lots of people wouldn't want fracking-related activities taking place near their homes—but when one of those people is the CEO of Exxon Mobil, it raises some eyebrows. The Wall Street Journal last week revealed that Exxon chief Rex Tillerson has joined a lawsuit spearheaded by former House Majority... More »

Boo to Whew!: GOP Reacts to Daniels' Dodge

Gingrich, predictably, is quite relieved; eyes turn to Paul Ryan, others

(Newser) - A reeling GOP took to the airwaves today to react to Mitch Daniels' decision not to run for president, reports Politico, and to speculate on who might take his place. Paul Ryan's reaction was typically "disappointed. I think his candidacy would have been a great addition to this... More »

Tea Party: We Want 'Hostile Takeover' of GOP

Dick Armey writes 'manifesto'

(Newser) - With the tea party shaping into a political force, FreedomWorks honchos Dick Armey and Matt Kibbe take it upon themselves to write a “manifesto” for the movement in today’s Wall Street Journal . It contains some fighting words. “Let’s be clear about one thing,” they write.... More »

Tea Partiers Find Campaigning Tougher Than Protesting

Movement must choose between the faithful, the electable

(Newser) - As this year's GOP primaries turn many Tea Partiers from protesters into candidates, the campaign trail is giving the populist movement a sobering lesson in political realities. In many districts with vulnerable Democratic incumbents, the GOP primary field is overcrowded with inexperienced candidates who are struggling to raise money, and... More »

Texas Board of Ed Is at the Forefront of 'History Wars'

Anti-intellectualism is spreading, writes Thomas Frank

(Newser) - The Texas Board of Education's push to put a conservative spin on the state's textbook standards shows that the culture wars are becoming history wars, writes Thomas Frank. The board backs up decisions like ordering textbook writers to replace the word "capitalism" with "free enterprise" with anti-intellectual, anti-liberal... More »

Tea Party Honcho Needs to Bone Up on US History

Dick Armey gets Federalist Papers backward

(Newser) - “The small-government conservative movement,” asserts Dick Armey, “is about the principles of liberty as embodied in the Constitution, the understanding of which is fleshed out if you read things like the Federalist Papers.” The tea party honcho and former House majority leader was, of course, trying... More »

GOP Hopes to Take Tea Party Cash to the Bank

PACs compete for 2010 donations from anti-tax activists

(Newser) - As Tea Party wrath brews, conservatives are hoping the anti-tax activists put their money where their mouth is in 2010—and a plethora of political action committees are springing up, angling for a piece of the pie. Dick Armey's Freedomworks Foundation launches its Take Back America PAC this week and... More »

In Health Battle, Dick Armey Rides Again

Ex-House leader strides back onto national stage over health care

(Newser) - This year's battle over health care reform feels like the early '90s all over again to Dick Armey. The former House majority leader and his FreedomWorks foundation have been at the heart of protests against the Obama administration, channeling conservative power in the same way the Christian right used to,... More »

'Tea Party' to Fight Dozen GOP Candidates in 2010

Conservatives taking aim at moderates

(Newser) - This election cycle could herald all-out war between far-right conservatives and the Republican establishment. Empowered by their success in pushing the GOP candidate out of the race in New York’s 23rd District, tea party activists and their allies plan to launch primary challenges against more than a dozen GOP... More »

Thousands of DC Protesters Blast Obama Policies

Demonstration stretches for blocks along Pennsylvania Avenue

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of people marched to the US Capitol today, carrying signs with slogans such as "Obamacare makes me sick" as they protested the president's health care plan and what they say is out-of-control spending. The line of protesters spread across Pennsylvania Avenue for blocks, all the way... More »

Lone Star Political Clout Rides Into Sunset

After fifty years of political clout, Texas has lost its primacy as national king-maker

(Newser) - The booming voices of Texas politics have, for the first time in half a century, fallen silent, writes Bryan Burrough in the Washington Post. After vast deposits of oil wealth propelled Lone Star personalities like LBJ and both Bushes to the White House, as well as several influential leaders like... More »

Countrywide 'Bailout' Is Dem Chicanery

Left is extending crisis by irresponsibly aiding its pals, Armey says

(Newser) - Congressional Dems are selling their $300 billion bill granting new taxpayer loan guarantees as a boon to homeowners, but Dick Armey sees more cynical motives in the “bailout” legislation. The former House majority leader writes in the Journal, pegging the recent revelations of sweetheart Countrywide loans for top (Dem)... More »

Site's Grass Roots Planted in Right-Wing 'AstroTurf'

Backed by big names, money, AngryRenter.com poses as underdog foe of mortgage fix

(Newser) - AngryRenter.com might look “underdoggy and grass-rootsy, with a heavy dose of aw-shucks innocence,” the Wall Street Journal reports, but the anti-mortgage bailout website is actually the work of publisher Steve Forbes, former House majority leader Dick Armey and other Republican bigwigs. It’s a paragon of “... More »

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