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15 Celebs, VIPs Who Fought Pancreatic Cancer

Sally Ride, Patrick Swayze, others brought awareness to disease

(Newser) - Pancreatic cancer is back in the spotlight for a very sad reason— Sally Ride’s death . The Huffington Post takes a look at 14 other celebrities and VIPs who’ve brought awareness to the disease, which is often devastating due to its tendency to go undetected for so long:
  • Patrick
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1959: The Apex of Jazz

(Newser) - 2009 marks the 50th anniversary of jazz’s best year jazz ever, Martin Johnson writes for the Root. 1959 saw canonical discs from genre royalty: “Miles Davis’ Kind of Blue, John Coltrane’s Giant Steps, Ornette Coleman’s The Shape of Jazz to Come, Dave Brubeck’s Time Out... More »

Bird Lives! And He Does It in Fanatic Detail

NY radio jock keeps jazz boppin', stumps die-hard know-it-alls

(Newser) - A white guy from Queens may be our best link to a music rooted in black history. Phil Schapp grew up in a home full of jazz, and has hosted a radio show obsessed with the music's minutiae for decades, the New Yorker reports. He's liable to digress on Charlie... More »

3 Stories