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Royals' Tejada Suspended 105 Games for Drugs

Tested positive twice for Adderall

(Newser) - Kansas City Royals infielder and six-time All Star Miguel Tejada has been suspended for a whopping 105 games after twice testing positive for an amphetamine. It's not quite the 211-game ban A-Rod is facing , but it's still the third-highest non-lifetime ban in MLB history, reports ESPN . Why so... More »

Cabrera Hatched Fake Site to Dodge Doping Penalty

MLB figured it out really quickly, report says

(Newser) - It looks like Melky Cabrera didn't just meekly go along with his 50-game suspension for banned substances. A source tells the New York Daily News that Cabrera launched a bizarre scheme to create a fake website for a fake topical cream, which he then claimed inadvertently boosted his testosterone... More »

Clemens Judge Declares Mistrial

We'll know in September whether government will try again

(Newser) - A big swing and a miss for prosecutors: The judge in the Roger Clemens perjury trial declared a mistrial today—on only the second day. Prosecutors showed evidence to the jury that the judge had earlier deemed inadmissible, reports the Los Angeles Times . "I don't see how I... More »

Tour de France Dope Tests Easy to Fool: Agency

French anti-doping agency feuding with cyclists' organization

(Newser) - The Tour de France doesn't start until tomorrow but the doping drama has already begun. The French anti-doping agency AFLD says that the "biological passport" testing regime the International Cyclists Union (UCI) plans to use is deeply flawed and easy to fool, the BBC reports. The AFLD has been... More »

Manny to Dodgers: Sorry

(Newser) - Manny Ramirez met with his Dodgers teammates today to personally apologize for flunking a drug test and drawing a 50-game suspension, the Los Angeles Times reports. Team management had encouraged the outfielder to talk with the squad. “He knows he made a mistake. I forgive him,” third baseman... More »

Dodgers Have No Way Out of Manny Deal

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Dodgers don’t have many options in dealing with confirmed doper Manny Ramirez, Sean Gregory writes in Time. Manny’s 50-game suspension is governed entirely by the drug agreement between the players association and Major League Baseball. There is no contract clause allowing the Dodgers to cancel... More »

Steroids Didn't Kill 21 Polo Horses: Vet

21 animals lost in mystery affliction

(Newser) - The death of 21 horses in Florida for the US Open Polo Championship yesterday remains a mystery, but a veterinarian for the Venezuelan team that owned the horses said it was unlikely they were killed by a bad reaction to steroids, the Palm Beach Post reports. "Almost certainly they... More »

But Wait, A-Rod Wasn't Alone

Jackson, Schilling wonder why no one's divulging the other 103 steroid users from '03

(Newser) - Amid all the questions about Alex Rodriguez's alleged steroid use, two big ones have been overlooked: Who are the other 103 players who tested positive in 2003, and why have no other names surfaced? Yankees legend Reggie Jackson brought this up to the New York Post, and perhaps surprisingly, Boston's... More »

Do Vast Lungs Equal a Monster High?

Phelps' super-size lungs help him absorb THC quickly

(Newser) - Michael Phelps' lungs—those that secured him enough Olympic gold to start a mint—are made for a stupendous high, reports Slate. They hold twice the smoke of an average human's, speeding up his THC absorption. But at his size (6-foot-4 and 195 pounds), Phelps needs a lot more weed... More »

Painkillers Dragged Ex-NFL Player to His Grave

Tom McHale overdosed after battling addiction

(Newser) - The drug-fueled depression of 9-year NFL veteran Tom McHale crept up on friends who considered him a font of generosity and enthusiasm, the Washington Post reports. His upbeat post-football life, running restaurants and working in real estate around Tampa, Fla., seemed unlikely to end in an accidental overdose. But the... More »

Canseco Busted With 'Roids-Reversing Drug

Juiced author charged with smuggling testosterone booster

(Newser) - Former baseball player Jose Canseco was charged yesterday with bringing a mislabeled drug from Mexico into the US, TMZ reports. The drug, human chorionic gonadotropin, helps boost testosterone in men who have used steroids and can reverse some of their, ahem, shrinking effects; it’s illegal in the US without... More »

Without Doping, Where's the Fun?

Nowhere, if this year's Tour de France is any sign

(Newser) - Doping in sports makes some fans uncomfortable, but it keeps others on the edges of their seats, writes Joel Stein in the LA Times. Case in point: This year's largely shenanigans-free Tour de France has been an exercise in boredom. “Before you argue that your favorite sport has to... More »

New Doping Scandal Taints Tour de France

Second rider this year tests positive

(Newser) - Just when the race was getting interesting at the Tour de France, another doping scandal erupted. The 11th-stage victory today by Norwegian veteran Kurt-Asle Arvesen took a back seat to the arrest of Spain's Moises Duenas Nevado after he tested positive for the banned performance enhancer EPO in the second... More »

Olympians Adjust to Tougher Drug Tests

Athletes must keep agency up to speed on their whereabouts

(Newser) - Many US professional athletes aren't accustomed to giving blood and urine samples during their off seasons, but with the Olympics approaching, that's all been changing, writes USA Today. The US Anti-Doping Agency requires all potential competitors to comply with a "whereabouts program" and submit to random screenings for HGH... More »

BALCO Jury Convicts Track's Graham of Lying

Coach of Marion Jones found to deceive feds on ties to steroid dealer

(Newser) - A San Francisco jury convicted track coach Trevor Graham today of lying to federal investigators when he told them he had ended his contacts with a steroids dealer, the Chronicle reports. Jurors deadlocked on two other counts against the former coach of Olympians Marion Jones and Tim Montgomery; he faces... More »

Early Retirement Raises Questions

Henin's abrupt departure can't help but spark drug debate

(Newser) - When a 25-year-old tennis star quits at the top of her sport, at least one columnist thinks it's tough not to wonder if drugs were somehow involved. That's Rick Morrissey's reaction to Justine Henin's abrupt retirement this week. Henin has no link to drugs, but in the current sports world... More »

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