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Peeps Oreos Have Rather Unfortunate Side Effects

In other words, 'bright pink' poop

(Newser) - The latest cream flavor to come out of something called "the Oreo Wonder Vault" has consumers wondering why their poop suddenly looks like it could've come from a unicorn. Two weeks ago, Oreo released a limited edition of its cookie with a vanilla shell and a filling flavored... More »

McDonald's Is Putting Chocolate on Its French Fries Now

Ketchup just got served

(Newser) - Let it never be said that innovation is dead. NBC Chicago reports McDonald's will soon be selling its classic French fries drizzled with two kinds of chocolate sauces. The McChoco Potato was announced Tuesday and will be debuting in Japan next week. "Customers will find McChoco Potatoes enjoyable... More »

Red Velvet Oreos Coming Next Month

Just in time for Valentine's Day

(Newser) - Red Oreos? Yep. Specifically "red velvet" Oreos will debut Feb. 2 for a limited run to take advantage of the Valentine's Day rush, reports Bloomberg . The normally black chocolate cookie wafers will be dyed red, and they will sandwich a "cream cheese flavored creme," says maker... More »

New Oreo Flavor: Cookie Dough

Classic cookie gets 2 new varieties

(Newser) - In a creation the Los Angeles Times likens to "a chicken stuffed with eggs," Oreo is set to unveil a cookie dough-flavored cookie as one of two new versions of its classic cookie. The other new flavor is Marshmallow Crispy, which the New York Daily News says is... More »

Oreos Are as Addictive as Cocaine

At least when it comes to lab rats

(Newser) - You may feel downright criminal the next time you eat an Oreo, and you have a Connecticut College student to thank for that. Neuroscience major Jamie Honohan came up with the idea for a study, which dug into the effects of high-fat and high-sugar foods on the brain. The conclusions:... More »

Oreo Maker Creates Chocolate That Doesn't Melt

Hopes to boost sales in Africa and Middle East

(Newser) - The company that makes Cadbury chocolates and Oreos is launching a new chocolate that can resist heats of up to 104 degrees without melting, and it should be on shelves soon—but probably not the ones in US grocery stores. This isn't a Willy Wonka-style gimmick so much as... More »

Fantastic Machine De-Cremes the Iconic Oreo

David Neevel spent '0.04 years' on Oreo Separator Machine

(Newser) - On the verge of the Oreo's 101st anniversary , physicist David Neevel has created a futuristic machine designed to undo Nabisco's great mistake—it separates and removes the icky creme from the otherwise wonderful Oreo. "Once every several generations, an invention comes along that fundamentally alters the course... More »

Walmart Hits Oreo-Loving Worker With Felony Charge

63-year-old fired, accused of theft

(Newser) - Walmart is slapping a former employee with felony charges after she allegedly ate the store's Oreo cookies on the job, The Smoking Gun reports. Penny Winters, 63, admits to munching on Oreos at the Indiana store but says she noticed an open bag and considered them a gift from... More »

Oreo Rainbow Cookie Sparks Facebook Backlash

Let's just say some people were not real happy with the post

(Newser) - Oreo posted a picture of its iconic cookie with rainbow-colored filling to its Facebook feed last night, in honor of Gay Pride Day. A horrified Matt Stopera rounds up some of the ensuing controversy that erupted in the comments, writing on BuzzFeed , "This is the world we live in.... More »

Oreo Celebrates 100th Birthday

Kraft launches international marketing campaign

(Newser) - The National Biscuit Company sold its first batch of Oreos on March 6, 1912—and as the cookie's 100th birthday approaches, its makers want the world to celebrate. Kraft Foods has launched an international campaign across media new and old, centered on a birthday-party theme and complete with special... More »

Limbaugh Names New Oreo After Obama

'Or-Bam-eo' is a 'biracial triple double-dipper,' Rush slurs

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh called a new Triple Double Oreo a "biracial" cookie with both vanilla and chocolate cream that he quipped will be known at the "Or-Bam-eo—the triple double-dipper." Limbaugh has used the Oreo slight once before against Obama, BET points out. In 2009, he said that... More »

Kraft, Mars, Cadbury Hit by Chinese Tainting Scandal

Melamine concerns prompt recall, probe

(Newser) - Kraft and Mars are investigating claims by the Indonesian government that products including Oreos, M&Ms, and Snickers imported from China are tainted with melamine, PerthNow reports. The company notes that the products tested melamine-free elsewhere in Asia, and suggests that they could be counterfeit. Still, the firms are supporting... More »

Wreck Flattens Oreos; No Trace of Girl Scouts

10 tons carpet Illinois freeway in early-morning crash

(Newser) - An Illinois freeway got an unscheduled repaving this morning when a truck crash dumped 20,000 pounds of Oreos onto I-80, the Chicago Tribune reports. Police are still investigating what caused the big rig to hit a median, so no word on whether the driver (who was unhurt) had eaten... More »

Oreos Dip into UK Market

'Biscuit-mad' culture not so sweet on Yank dessert staple

(Newser) - Oreo cookies have finally invaded Britain after decades of popularity in America—but they face a battle for the taste buds of “biscuit-mad” Britons, the Christian Science Monitor reports. Dipping biscuits (read: bland cookies) in tea is a sacred British ritual dating back centuries. Despite Kraft’s saturation of... More »

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