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Slap Shot City Losing Hockey Team for Real

Struggling Pa. economy forces Johnstown Chiefs south

(Newser) - Life is imitating fiction too closely for hockey fans' comfort in the small western Pennsylvania city where Slap Shot was filmed. In the cult 1977 movie loosely based on Johnstown's team, the coach played by Paul Newman boosted player morale by telling them the team was moving south. Now, the... More »

Immigrants Fill Dugouts of Minor League Teams

(Newser) - Foreigners, willing to work for less money, are taking American jobs … on the baseball diamond, the Wall Street Journal reports. Ever since George W. Bush signed the Compete Act in 2007, which essentially gave baseball teams unlimited work visas, teams have been snapping up foreign talent at a record... More »

Baseball Hasn't Quite Socked Away the Stirrup Look

(Newser) - Stirrups, baseball’s heel- and toe-less signature hosiery, have their pitfalls for one minor leaguer. “They’re uncomfortable,” he says. “They want to fall down. They ride up in back. But it’s the look. You got to have some white showing.” Most major leaguers disagree,... More »

Bull Durham No More: Minor Leagues Have Major Money

Once known for cheap thrills, baseball's lower echelons generating tidy profits

(Newser) - If your impression of minor league baseball is still Bull Durham-era, Forbes has an update for you. Gone are dirt-poor players traveling to low-tech stadiums on creaky buses: The top 20 teams are worth an average $21.2 million each, and they pulled in $9.8 million per team last... More »

Was White Sox Exec Extorting Bonus Money from Dominican Teens?

Team fires personnel chief, two scouts as investigation into skimming continues

(Newser) - A source with knowledge of the investigation tells the Chicago Tribune that questions about signing bonuses and how they were distributed to teenage Latin American prospects were behind the firing of David Wilder, the Chicago White Sox senior personnel director, and two of his scouts. Authorities are seeking to determine... More »

5 Stories