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Texas Win Would Be Hollywood Ending, But ...

... Alabama's just a better team

(Newser) - With the Bowl Championship Series title game set for Thursday night at the Rose Bowl, a Hollywood ending is called for—meaning, Chris Dufresne writes, a Texas victory. After all, it was 4 years ago on that very field that Vince Young showed a young Colt McCoy how to win... More »

Woody Allen Refuses to Quit: Blame Europe

US snubs relentless mediocrity, but director is still welcome abroad

(Newser) - America may have spawned Woody Allen, but “the perpetuation of Allen's zombie-like career is one atrocity for which we refuse to be held accountable,” Joe Queenan argues in the Guardian. The diminutive director’s recent films have bombed stateside; when eight people showed up for a New York... More »

2 Stories