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Williams' Digs at Aussies Spark Global Beefing

PM rips Alabama after 'English rednecks' jab; governor fires back

(Newser) - Robin Williams’ characterization of Australians as “English rednecks” has set up a domino effect of beefing, with Alabama’s governor the latest to get his licks in. The American comedian made the remark yesterday on Letterman, prompting Australian PM Kevin Rudd to say “Robin Williams should go and... More »

US Navy Jet Buzzes Curacao, Venezuela Furious

Drug patrol jet violation 'deliberate,' officials claim

(Newser) - A US Navy drug-patrol plane violated Venuzuelan airspace Saturday night, exacerbating  the  already-tense relationship between the two nations. The S-3 Viking, used to spot and attack drug-running ships, flew over the line near the island of Curacao, reports CNN. The pilot realized he made a navigational error, contacted a Venezuela... More »

2 Stories