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Weird New Propaganda War: North Korea Lapel Pins

Meanwhile, Pyongyang says it's being attacked by snakes

(Newser) - North Korea has apparently kicked off a new propaganda war ahead of planned war games between the US and South Korea next month. South Korea says its military found hundreds of propaganda leaflets floating down a river near the border last week, boasting that the North won the Korean War... More »

German Crafts Obama Doll

From comfort of home, make him give you change you can believe in

(Newser) - A master German dollmaker and Barack Obama fan has paid tribute to the candidate with a doll, Der Spiegel reports. The craftsman admits that the creation—his first attempt at making a black doll—is far from an exact Barack-plica, but says it works on a more symbolic level. The... More »

Rove: Obama's Stretching Truth

Illinois senator "instinctively resorts to parsing, evasions, and misdirection"

(Newser) - Barack Obama is a man who "instinctively resorts to parsing, evasions, and misdirection" writes Karl Rove in the Wall Street Journal. Take the Rev. Jeremiah Wright episode—in 62 days, Obama offered eight different characterizations of the controversial preacher ranging from "an old uncle" to someone who "... More »

Let's Stick This Pin on the Constitution

If it's that big a deal, then make patriotic lapel pin the 28th Amendment

(Newser) - If flag pins are so very important, it ought to be illegal not to wear one, Roland Martin writes on CNN. The obvious root of all our nation’s problems stops with Amendment 28: Elected officials must wear flag lapel pins. Heck, why stop at pins? Shouldn’t the candidates... More »

4 Stories