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We Should All Be Worried About Barnes & Noble

David Leonhardt: It's in the country's best interest for the chain to thrive

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble is in real danger of disappearing, and that has David Leonhardt of the New York Times worried. This isn't just a case of a corporate giant being unable to keep up with the new age, he writes. It's the result of a misguided government policy... More »

Barnes & Noble Is in Trouble, and Book Lovers Should Be Afraid

If you want quality books, you have to support B&N: Alex Shephard

(Newser) - Thanks to a load of long-term debt and flagging sales , Barnes & Noble's days on this planet may be numbered. But Alex Shephard writes for the New Republic that although there may be a temptation to "gloat, the death of Barnes & Noble would be catastrophic—not just... More »

Barnes & Noble Axes Nook Engineers

But denies report that it fired all of them

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble's Nook was already on death's door , and things look even more grim today after news broke that the company had laid off the tablet's hardware engineers. Initially, Business Insider reported that the company had fired its entire engineering staff for the product. The company... More »

Amazon Might Doom Itself With Own Success

Evan Hughes: Killing traditional bookstores will harm company in long run

(Newser) - Amazon seems unstoppable right about now, thanks in part to court decisions like this one . On top of that, Barnes & Noble is reeling , as are brick-and-mortar bookstores in general. But Amazon better hold the celebration, because if it puts traditional bookstores out of business, it's only going to... More »

Barnes & Noble CEO Steps Down

William Lynch faced big Nook losses

(Newser) - Shortly after news of big losses for Barnes & Noble's Nook, the company's CEO is exiting. William Lynch, named CEO in early 2010, had made the firm's digital business paramount, the Wall Street Journal notes, working on an array of Nook gadgets. Now, however, Barnes & Noble... More »

Barnes & Noble Retreats in Tablet Wars

Will no longer make its own color Nook tablets

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble appears to be admitting defeat when it comes to competing with Apple, Amazon, and Samsung in the tablet market. The company announced today that it will no longer be making its own color Nook tablets, following big losses for Nook in the fourth quarter. However, the bookseller... More »

Chairman Looks to Buy Back Barnes & Noble

Leonard Riggio looking to acquire retail business, not Nook

(Newser) - Struggling Barnes & Noble might get bought by the very man who started the chain 40 years ago. Leonard Riggio, who bought the Barnes & Noble name and flagship location in the 1970s and turned it into the country's biggest bookseller, told the company's board today that... More »

Barnes & Noble Slowly Closing a Third of Stores

Bookseller sees declining book, e-book sales

(Newser) - Faced with declining book sales and fewer mall openings, Barnes & Noble is poised to close about a third of its retail stores over the next 10 years, the CEO of the company's retail group tells the Wall Street Journal . The bookseller is likely to close about 20 stores... More »

Nook HD Worth a Look

Barnes & Noble's 7-inch e-reader is a solid buy, say reviewers

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble's Nook HD is by no means a world-changer, but most reviewers think those in the market for a modestly priced e-reader would be well advised to give the $199 device a close look. Dig into the source links for more details, but here are some bottom... More »

Credit Card Info Stolen From Barnes & Noble Keypads

Hackers break into point-of-sale terminals

(Newser) - Bad news if you've recently swiped your credit card at a Barnes & Noble: Hackers broke into keypads at 63 of the bookstores, making off with customers' credit card info. The breach was first discovered on Sept. 14, but kept hush-hush because the FBI was investigating, CNET reports. For... More »

Amazon Grabs Major e-Book Win

Get ready for $9.99 e-books

(Newser) - An e-book price-fixing settlement is a victory for Amazon—and could pave the way to lower prices for consumers. A federal judge has approved a settlement between three publishers and the Justice Department after officials argued that a total of five publishers were teaming up with Apple to boost prices... More »

Microsoft Joins Barnes & Noble in E-Book War

Invests $300M in Nook-based subsidiary

(Newser) - There's a new major player in the battle for the e-book market. Microsoft is investing $300 million in a new Barnes & Noble subsidiary devoted to the bookseller's Nook e-reader plus its College division. Microsoft will have a 17.6% stake in the company (currently dubbed "Newco"... More »

Amazon Plans Brick-and-Mortar Boutique

Online megastore may also launch national chain

(Newser) - As if traditional publishers don't already hate Amazon . Now the online retailer-turned-publisher is planning to open a small boutique store in Seattle to test the waters for a national chain, Gawker reports via the Good E-Reader blog. The store will sell Kindle e-readers, Kindle Fires, and various accessories—as... More »

B&N May Spin Off Nook

Seems to be a sign that company is struggling against Kindle

(Newser) - Trouble in Nook-ville? Barnes & Noble shares lost about a quarter of their value this morning on the surprising news that the company might spin off its Nook e-reader. B&N has poured a ton of money into the e-reader business, but the news suggests it's losing the arms... More »

B&N Unveils $249 Nook Tablet

Barnes & Noble device has more memory, better display than Kindle

(Newser) - The Nook Tablet is here, and while it won’t cost you nearly as much as an iPad, at $249 it still comes in a bit more expensive than Amazon’s Kindle Fire . Barnes & Noble unveiled the tablet in New York City today, just in time for the holiday... More »

Nook Beats Out Kindle

Barnes & Noble e-reader boasts touch screen, lighter weight, two-month battery

(Newser) - If you’re looking to do some e-reading on the beach this summer, Consumer Reports is advocating something other than the Kindle for the first time: Barnes & Noble’s Simple Touch Nook finally has beat Amazon's offering. Unlike the Kindle, the Nook has a touch screen; it’s... More »

Barnes & Noble's Slim New Nook: Yours for $139

Barnes & Noble rolls out lighter, cheaper e-reader dubbed 'All-New Nook'

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble is launching a lighter, slimmer, cheaper version of its e-reader for $139, showing the company is ready compete on pricing with rivals Amazon, whose cheapest Kindle is $114, and Borders. Known as the All-New Nook, the device features a 6-inch touch screen, can hold up to 1,... More »

Bookstores Censor Shirtless Male

Androgynous teen Andrej Pejic must be covered up on Dossier

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble and Borders officials are insisting that a special wrapper be placed around a magazine featuring a shirtless male teen on its cover before agreeing to place it in bookstores. The male is androgynous Australian model Andrej Pejic, 19; he's wearing curlers in his hair, but he... More »

Nook's 3G Version May Be Phased Out

Barnes & Noble will keep WiFi-only model, says tech site

(Newser) - Barnes & Noble's Nook e-reader is quite popular —but apparently, just the WiFi-only version. The bookseller is discontinuing the model with 3G, reports Engadget , and apparently will continue sales only until the current stock runs out. The move makes sense, writes Will Shanklin on : Because e-readers require... More »

Nooks Squashing Books

The e-reader is Barnes & Noble's best-selling item ever

(Newser) - Following in Amazon's footsteps , Barnes & Noble announced yesterday that its Nook e-reader is now the company's best-selling item ever. What's more, the retailer is now selling more e-books on its website than old-fashioned, papery things. Though Barnes & Noble is being shy about releasing actual sales figures, it did... More »

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