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Fired 'Trayvon Target' Cop Blames Conspiracy

Targets were a 'no-shoot training aid,' Ron King says

(Newser) - The Florida police sergeant sacked for bringing Trayvon Martin-themed targets to a firearms training session says the targets were a "no-shoot training aid" and his firing was politically motivated. In a video posted on YouTube, Sgt. Ron King apologizes to the slain teenager's family and suggests others are... More »

Cop Axed Over Trayvon Shooting Targets

Martin family decries 'reprehensible' behavior

(Newser) - A Florida cop is out of a job following the less-than-brilliant decision to bring targets with Trayvon Martin's image to on-duty shooting practice. As CNN reports, Sgt. Ron King of the Port Canaveral Police Department brought a couple of the targets—which he apparently purchased online—to an April... More »

Booze, Drugs, and AK-47s: Target Practice Goes Awry

Ohio men accidentally shoot up neighbors' houses

(Newser) - Residents of an Ohio town found themselves running for cover yesterday afternoon, when their neighbors unwittingly sprayed their homes with bullets while target shooting with AK-47s, police tell ABC 5 . Police responded to 911 calls reporting gunfire at about 2:24, according to the Medina-Gazette , and found themselves dodging bullets... More »

Man Sells Trayvon Martin Shooting Range Targets

Anonymous entrepreneur admits he's trying to cash in on controversy

(Newser) - You might want to be sitting down for this one: An anonymous and extremely classy businessman has been selling shooting range targets designed to look like Trayvon Martin online, WKMG of Orlando reports. The targets don't actually use Martin's face but the intent is clear: They show a... More »

Bush Apologizes for Koran Target Practice

But Iraq is calling for a trial for shoot-'em-up soldier

(Newser) - President Bush yesterday called Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki to personally apologize for the use of a Koran in target practice by a US military sniper. Maliki told Bush the incident was humiliating for Muslims and indicated the apology may not be enough, Reuters reports. The soldier who shot up... More »

5 Stories