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Hungry and Weak, Dog Stayed Beside Dead Owner for Weeks

'We had to drag her away'

(Newser) - A woman was found dead in her home in Budapest on Wednesday, having apparently died of natural causes weeks earlier, the BBC reports. Her dog hadn't left her side. “The dog was lying next to the dead body, and was so weak that she could not stand up,... More »

Only 2 Cities Are Still Bidding to Host 2024 Olympics

Budapest says bye-bye to controversial bid

(Newser) - The International Olympic Committee is due to meet in September to vote on the site of the 2024 Olympics—but if one more city drops out, they won't need to. The Hungarian government confirmed Wednesday that Budapest's bid has been withdrawn, leaving Paris and Los Angeles as the... More »

Birth Season Affects Your Temperament

Hungarian study says summer babies have more mood swings

(Newser) - Getting moodier as you grow older? That may be because you were born in summer—assuming, of course, that you were born in summer, according to a new study out of Hungary. Researchers in Budapest who analyzed 400 people say they found a direct connection between the subjects' temperament and... More »

New Tourist Craze: Locked Rooms

From Budapest to New York, it's a bona fide craze

(Newser) - The latest tourist trend comes via Budapest, where visitors are flocking to locked rooms and struggling to get out. Sound weird? Maybe, but the city's 50-odd room-escape games are like video game puzzles where the clues—like a laminated stamp in a metal box, or numbers etched on wrench... More »

'Worst Floods of All Time' to Wallop Hungary

Record-high water levels hit Central Europe

(Newser) - Hungary is in need of an ark. As the Danube swells, record-high levels of 29 feet are expected, with waters peaking near the Slovakian border tomorrow and in Budapest on Monday. PM Viktor Orban isn't mincing words: He says the nation could see "the worst floods of all... More »

Gorilla Fine After Rare Surgery

Docs in Hungary look for tumors in ovary of 32-year-old Liesel

(Newser) - A 32-year-old female gorilla underwent a rare gynecological procedure in Hungary yesterday, the AP reports. Doctors operated for three hours on Liesel, who they suspected had a malignant tumor on her right ovary. No tumors were found during the surgery, but the gorilla will be kept under observation and apart... More »

WWII Bomb Found in Budapest; Thousands Flee

Thousands of unexploded bombs still buried in city

(Newser) - Some 16,000 people were evacuated yesterday in Budapest after construction workers unearthed a huge unexploded bomb from World War II. The 2-ton explosive, being disarmed today by experts, is one of the largest found in the city since 1945. Thousands of unexploded bombs are believed to be buried in... More »

Protester Eggs Microsoft CEO

Ballmer dodges attack by Hungarian during university lecture

(Newser) - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was in Budapest this week to give a lecture to Hungarian university students, but the talk took an unexpected turn when he was pelted with eggs. Unlike Bill Gates, who was hit in the face with a cream pie a decade ago, Ballmer was able to... More »

8 Stories