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Genetics Could Make You a Liberal

...but only if you had a lot of friends in high school, finds study

(Newser) - Is political ideology something you’re born with? Scientists have uncovered a gene that predisposes people to be liberals—provided they had a lot of friends in high school. The study, conducted at UC San Diego and Harvard, matched 2,000 subjects’ genetic information with maps of their social networks,... More »

Another Noose Found at UC San Diego

Pall of racism hangs over campus

(Newser) - For the second time this year, an object resembling a noose was found at UC San Diego, raising concerns about racism on campus. The crudely fashioned rope loop was found near a performing arts venue, reports the Los Angeles Times . In February, a similar object was found in a campus... More »

UC San Diego to Rejects: You're In!

Email screw-up raises false hopes for 28K denied applicants

(Newser) - Some 28,000 applicants were rejected from the University of California, San Diego weeks ago—and all of them received emails from the school on Monday applauding their acceptance, the Los Angeles Times reports. A few hours later, the admissions office sent out a follow-up email apologizing for the mistake,... More »

Peer Pressure Helps Snuff Habit

Researchers see group ripple effect for people trying to stop smoking

(Newser) - New research shows people quit smoking not as individuals but in complex social clusters, each strongly influencing the others. Friends, spouses, relatives, and other social contacts all exercise an overwhelming sway over individual decisions to quit. The study covered 58,000 people from 1971 to 2003, the New York Times ... More »

4 Stories