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Man's Quest to Kill Roach in His Ear Has Unfortunate Result

A doctor ended up needing to pull it out

(Newser) - If you can bear it, we offer what Newsflare aptly describes as some "rather unpleasant footage" for your viewing displeasure—the type you won't want to see, can't help but see, and won't be able to unsee. It's video filmed last week that shows a... More »

Panda Faked Pregnancy for Extra Bamboo

Research center calls off birth broadcast

(Newser) - A panda research center in China called off what would have been the first-ever live broadcast of a panda birth after determining that panda Ai Hin wasn't pregnant—just crafty. Pregnant pandas at the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding get special treatment, and while "phantom pregnancies"... More »

China Opens Biggest Building in the World

Chengdu site has its own indoor beach

(Newser) - China's city of Chengdu has new bragging rights with the newly opened New Century Global Center, billed as the biggest building in the world, reports the Guardian . The entrance is 18 stories high, and the building itself is 1,600 feet long and 1,300 feet wide. But even... More »

China's Bo Scandal Erupted at US Consulate

Consulate shielded Wang Lijun from pro-Bo cops, but refused him amnesty

(Newser) - The biggest political scandal to hit China in a generation started with a visit to a US consulate that sparked a frantic State Department debate, the New York Times finds. When Chongqing chief Bo Xilai's deputy Wang Jilun fled to the US consulate in nearby Chengdu, he was refused... More »

3 Dead in iPad Plant Explosion

15 injured after explosion caused in a polishing workshop

(Newser) - An explosion in a southwestern China plant involved in manufacturing iPads has killed three people, reports Reuters . Foxconn Technology, a Taiwanese company that is one of Apple's biggest suppliers, confirmed the deaths yesterday, and said that preliminary findings indicate that the blast, which happened Friday, was caused by combustible... More »

Panda Moms Worn Out By Baby Boom

Chinese institute boasts just four births this year

(Newser) - The breeding program at China's Chengdu panda institute has produced just four pandas this year. Researchers say the panda mothers are mostly too exhausted to conceive more babies after last year's record 18 births, the Times of London reports. This year's births included twins Wen Li and Ya L, born... More »

Pandas Haven't Bounced Back From China Quake

Sichuan disaster presents lasting difficulties for breeders

(Newser) - China’s efforts to save the giant panda from extinction haven’t recovered from last year’s earthquake in Sichuan province, AFP reports. The temblor swallowed up whole groves of bamboo, causing a food shortage just as breeding centers, whose efforts have caused a recent panda “baby boom,”... More »

Scenes From an Earthquake Marriage

Photographer shoots wedding day disaster

(Newser) - A wedding photographer shooting pictures of a bride and groom captured instead dramatic images of the catastrophic China earthquake. Photographers were shooting at a popular spot for newly married couples when the earth moved. The photos show young women in wedding attire, dusty and shaken, amid the ruins of China's... More »

Fearful of New Quakes, Chinese Pitch Tents

Even those still with homes leave for the safety of the street

(Newser) - Across Chengdu, the capital of China's earthquake-struck Sichuan province, citizens are camping out in tents in public parks, riverbanks, and even on the sides of the roads. But many of the tent-dwellers haven't lost their homes, reports the Wall Street Journal. Rather, they're reluctant to return to their high-rise apartments,... More »

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