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Arizona's Notorious Outdoor Prison Is Shutting Down

'Circus' is over, new sheriff says

(Newser) - There's a new sheriff in Arizona's Maricopa County, and he's shutting down his predecessor's notorious "Tent City." Sheriff Paul Penzone, who defeated Sheriff Joe Arpaio in November's election, announced Tuesday that he's getting rid of the open-air facility, where inmates are given... More »

Tempers Fray as People Brave Cold Without Fuel

Long Islanders protest outside utility company

(Newser) - Superstorm Sandy victims are growing more frustrated as gas-rationing continues in New York and New Jersey, and over 170,000 battle the cold on Long Island without power—nearly two weeks after Sandy landed, Reuters reports. More details:
  • Long Island residents protested outside a utility company for the second straight
... More »

Man Busted in 2 Sex Assaults at Wall Street Camp

Teens assaulted in tents: police

(Newser) - A Brooklyn man has been arrested for two sex assaults on teenagers at the Occupy Wall Street camp in Zuccotti Park. One of the victims, 18, reported to police she was raped in a tent in the camp; a 17-year-old protester said she was groped in her tent. Tony Iketubosin,... More »

Haiti Desperately Short on Tents

Recovery efforts begin, over objections of hopeful

(Newser) - Haitian officials yesterday began the daunting task of finding shelter for the hundreds of thousands left homeless by the earthquake. International aid organizations identified three sites ideal for temporary shelters, but say they’re short on supplies. One organization estimates that they’ll need 100,000 tents to house some... More »

Cities Prop Up Homeless Camps

Squeezed shelters, recession prompt local government tolerance

(Newser) - With room tight in homeless shelters, municipalities across the US are allowing tent cities to stand—after years spent breaking up homeless clusters, the Wall Street Journal reports. In some areas, the encampments are even supplied with basic services like portable toilets and medical care. “There is no place... More »

Miami Forces Sex Offenders Into Tent City

(Newser) - Miami’s sex offenders have been corralled into a squalid tent city under a highway overpass thanks to a law that critics call inhumane, the BBC reports. Sex offenders are barred from living within 2,500 feet of any place in the city where children congregate, including libraries and parks—... More »

Tent Cities Sprout Across US

'Hoovervilles' return as recession forces thousands from homes

(Newser) - Cities across the country are struggling to deal with mushrooming shantytowns, reports the New York Times. In a chilling echo of the Great Depression, tent cities are springing up on vacant lots in smaller cities, while homeless encampments in larger cities are burgeoning as more and more people lose their... More »

Fearful of New Quakes, Chinese Pitch Tents

Even those still with homes leave for the safety of the street

(Newser) - Across Chengdu, the capital of China's earthquake-struck Sichuan province, citizens are camping out in tents in public parks, riverbanks, and even on the sides of the roads. But many of the tent-dwellers haven't lost their homes, reports the Wall Street Journal. Rather, they're reluctant to return to their high-rise apartments,... More »

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